Gutfeld: When did the rebels become the establishment elite?

It’s hard to say. Some people are acting like adults, others are acting like children, and still others are treating children like adults — and I’m not even talking about CNN producers.

But first to the pandemic news that’s affecting our nation’s political elites.


In Washington, D.C., strip clubs have allegedly been warned about their dancers not wearing masks.

In a hard-hitting investigative report, the Daily Caller finds that multiple strip clubs have violated the mayor’s order on masks. This includes apparently the strippers who are supposed to cover their noses and mouths, even if their butts aren’t.

Coronavirus prevention face masks.

Coronavirus prevention face masks. (iStock)

Nou, this is a personal point. I would not mind the rule in the daytime, jy weet, when the clubs aren’t exactly fielding the first string.

Maar regtig, how can you enjoy a good lap dancer if you can’t understand the stripper’s story about how she’s just doing this temporarily to put herself through med school? And what kind of mask do you wear when stripping?

I had to ask Stuart Varney, en nee, they do not make an N-95 in latex. God knows I’ve looked all over Pete Hegseth’s office.

But the strippers, I bet they’re not pleased. We go to one for comment.


Bear strip club. I can dream.

On the other coast, it’s worse. The L.A. Unified School District said it’s banning students from wearing cloth masks. They must now wear well-fitted, non-cloth masks with a nose wire at all times, including outdoors.

Wel, at least that’ll prepare them for a future in stripping, or smash-and-grabs, which are both very popular vocations in L.A. nou dadelik.

Police vehicles are stationed at Union Square following recent robberies in San Francisco.

Police vehicles are stationed at Union Square following recent robberies in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, lêer)

But what are you supposed to do? I guess it’s time for …


Here’s one thing we didn’t expect: how authoritarianism was unleashed in businesses by our government.

The government made the regulations, which put it on waitresses and hostesses and mattress salesmen to force you to comply.

And then it was up to the cops to arrest you if you didn’t.

While the government looks benign, it’s your neighbors who became the enforcers. What better way to unify a nation’s people than force them into the roles of cops and robbers?

You couldn’t divide people any more efficiently with a table saw — and I’ve tried.

Maar jy weet wat? A lot of people liked it. People became OK with incremental authoritarianism like the frog in that slow-boiling water — an experiment I’m sure Fauci invented, the sick bastard.

They enjoyed the moment without knowing how it all will end. Like giving Jesse Watters his own show, it gave obnoxious people power.

Sien, authoritarianism doesn’t just show up one day screaming, “Hey everyone, I’m an authoritarian.It comes gradually, step by step, like an undetected malignant tumor. It just grows.

And who knew that entertainers and journalists — usually considered skeptics of power — would happily embrace becoming The Man?

HOWARD STERN: This is what I call face mask freak-out. Jy weet, I’ve made it clear I can’t stand seeing people walking around without a mask.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: This is what we’re doing to protect our families, and you don’t have to do it, but stay away from everybody.

GERALDO RIVERA: It’s also a question of manners — good manners.

And so the rebels have become the establishment, choosing fear over risk management. But risk management is not just brave, it’s sensible.

The world is not your house that you can make childproof, and you can’t leave it to bozos who see risk only being acceptable at zero. That destroys society. You’d have to lock yourself in the basement to survive.

And like I said to Joe DeVito’s robot girlfriend, that’s no life. But it’s hard to explain this to people in love with their own authority.

You can’t wrestle fear away from them. Like a vaping pen to Kat, it’s too important to them.

The people in charge right now aren’t risk managers. They’re aprotectors trying to keep themselves from being fired, sued or even arrested.

And they deserve little respect, given they never clearly gave us the whole story. Dink daaroor. They’ve been applying the same risk profile from one person to the next without any clarity.

A 10-year-old skateboarder somehow has the same risk profile as a 65-year-old obese smoker, so they both must mask up and outside.






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