Guy Benson: Here is why I believe Joe Biden's 2024 presidential run will not happen

GUY BENSON: This story you are referencing in the “New York Times” is long, and it quotes a lot of people on the record, and quite a few people on background with these rumors starting to swirl and grow louder, that there are people starting to actually articulate, not just at dinner party conversations, but within the halls and quarters of power, that they are very concerned about Joe Biden’s ability to lead that party into the next presidential election. AOC [Alexandria Ocasio Cortez] was squirming over those questions. It’s all hypothetical, maybe we will cross the bridge if we come to it, but I’m still of the belief that he is not going to run again. 

Biden ‘running for re-election’ in 2024, White House says

I have no special knowledge of that, I just don’t think he can. I don’t know if he can do it physically, I don’t know if he can do it mentally, and I say that with respect. It’s a very taxing process. I’m not sure if there are many Democrats that you would talk to anywhere in the country, including in the White House in a true moment of quiet honesty who would say, “yes, this is going well, and we are confident about this man’s ability to be the standard-bearer again in a rough and tumble year-long presidential campaign.” I think those noises are starting to gain more momentum if you will, even though we are not five months out from the midterm election people are looking ahead.


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