Haitian migrant sports 'Biden-Harris' shirt as thousands more converge at Guatemala-Mexico border

el migrante, who gave his name as Stevenson to Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins and sported a Biden-Harris t-shirt, said his remaining family in Haiti has since passed away and that he is hopeful to find employment in the United States under the Delaware Democrat he is showing support for.

Jenkins joinedAmerica Reportsfrom Tapachula, Chiapas State – the first town many of the migrants come to when they cross out of Guatemala. He reported that there are thousands of new migrants amassing in Tapachula where a Mexican refugee center can mediate whether they are cleared to work in Mexico as many continue north.

Como Reuters reported last week, many of the Haitian migrants appear to have come not directly from the turmoil-wracked Caribbean nation – where President Jovenel Moise was recently assassinated – but from countries like Chile, Brazil and Colombia where they have lived for years.

Desde ese tiempo, word has made it down from Texas that the Biden administration has permitted 12,000 or more Haitians to remain in the United States, while only a fraction have been deported back to Port-au-Prince.

Jenkins said that trend has encouraged them to continue their journey – but at the same time migrants bottlenecked in Tapachula have compared the conditions there to aprison.

Stevenson told Jenkins that he will “Nunca” go back to Haiti:

I would like to send a message for Biden because Haiti [posee] nada [en] trabajos, and because of this and who is here,” él dijo.

“En [la] Estados Unidos, I see opportunity – because I am young and I have no job or nothing,” él agregó.

Jenkins toldAmerica Reportsthe Mexican government has been somewhatcracking downon many of the illegal immigrants currently headed north from places like Chiapas without official documentation allowing them to travel in the country

Meanwhile in Ciudad Acuna – on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande from overwhelmed Del Rio, la Lopez Obrador administration has begun detaining some migrants who lack the proper aforementioned paperwork and sending them back southward to register at the refugee centers.


Mexico is also offering voluntary government flights to Haiti for the migrants who don’t qualify when they go to register with the Federales, but Jenkins said not many are likely to take that particular offer.

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan later told Fox News that of the 12,000 or more illegal immigrants released by the U.S. government with notices to appear and the like, tantos como 89% lose their case at immigration court adjudication for one reason or another – and less than 10% of that group actually leaves the country.

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