'Halloween trees': ソーシャルメディアユーザーは不気味な装飾を披露します

ハロウィーン decorations and Christmas decorations typically don’t have much in common, 1つは不気味で暗い, もう一方は明るく陽気です. それにもかかわらず, 2つは新進の一部としてマージされています “Halloween tree” 傾向.

Halloween trees might not be as common as Christmas trees, but they have been growing in popularity over the past several years. A Halloween tree is basically a Christmas tree, except it’s decorated with scary decorations as opposed to festive ones.

Since it’s been October for over a week now, plenty of people have their houses fully decorated for Halloween, trees included.

いくつかのための, it’s an excuse to get the Christmas tree out early.

These trees use classic Halloween imagery.

Unlike Christmas trees, しかしながら, people feel like they have more freedom with how they decorate.


Webs are often used in place of garland.

Like Christmas trees, Halloween trees don’t need to be green.