Halsey and Bernie Sanders shared their thoughts on America's future

Halsey and Senator Bernie Sanders recently shared their thoughts on the upcoming presidential election and the wealth tax.

In a conversation recorded on September 30 and released over the weekend, the artist and former Democratic presidential candidate discussed the future of America and why they’ll be voting for Joe Biden this November.
The singer posted their conversation to her Instagram and Twitter accounts.
The two referenced last week’s presidential debate, with Halsey calling itone of the most frustrating pieces of television that I’ve ever ad the misfortune of witnessing.She compared it to areality television show.
    Sanders agreed.
    It certainly was not one of the great moments in American history,” 그는 말했다.
    Halsey and Sanders also discussed her upbringing, saying she is from alower-class familywith parents that dropped out of college to have her.
    “지금, as an adult at 26 years old I’m part of the one-percent,” Halsey said. “There is no amount of money that I think is worth personally contributing to the alienation, the disenfranchisement of millions, hundreds of millions of people across this country. Which is why despite being in the one percent, I support the wealth tax. Because I believe that the people who oppose it are motivated by greed.
      Sanders that wehave an economy that is controlled by people who are incredibly greedy.
      They want more and more and more, so that we end up with three people in America owning more wealth than the bottom half of our society. 세 명의 사람들. The top one percent owns more wealth than the bottom 92 퍼센트,” Sanders added.

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