Hannity: Biden ‘already begging for a breakon first full day as president

Hannity: Biden 'already begging for a break' on first full day as president

Thursday marked President Biden’s first full day as president, and the 78-year-old isalready begging for a break,” 션 해니 티 observed on his show Thursday.

바이든 was quick to dismiss an AP 통신 기자 for attempting to question him on his previously-announced goal of having 100 백만 명의 미국인이 처음에 100 근무일. Reporter Zeke Miller asked whether the bar should be set “더 높은” to encourage a greater number of Americans to get vaccinated.


대통령은 질문에 능글 맞은 웃음을 보였다, responding flatly, “내가 발표했을 때, 모두 불가능하다고 말했어. 어서, 브레이크 맨 내놔.”

Apparently only one serious question from a reporter was a little too much for him to handle,” 말했다 “Hannity” 주최자. “Yep, the new president gave us his first official ‘Come on, man.'

Hannity also discussed the impeachment push against former President Donald Trump, urging Biden to call off a trial and back up his repeated calls for unity.

“이 지점에서, a trial serves absolutely no purpose but to inflame the tensions of this country. It’s the swamp theater and it’s at its worst,” Hannity는 말했다.

The country should be asking tonight, 씨. 단일성, 씨. Frail, Weak, Cognitively Struggling Joe, I know this is past your bedtime. Maybe you will consider standing up to the radicalism in your own party and put an end to the charade right now.

I doubt that will happen,” Hannity concluded. “Joe and his fellow Democrats don’t seem to care about unity. All they want is revenge.

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