Hannity: Biden and the Democratic left are not interested in a 'real solution' for gun violence

HANNITY: 어제, we lost 19 innocent children, two brave teachers because of the evil actions of a despicable, soulless monster. You can’t have a conscience or a soul and do something this evil. But let me be clear though, there is a solution, we’ve got to talk about solutions. Most people don’t want to get to the root cause of anything. But if we want to protect our kids, which we must do, and prevent this thing from happening again, we need an honest discussion.


We just spent, 뭐, $ 40 billion that we sent to Ukraine to protect democracy. I think it’s well past time that we as a country should save a few of those billions of dollars and send them to every school in the country, so they can hire well-trained, well qualified armed guards, particularly retired police officers, retired military.

텍사스 학교 총격 사건: 라이브 업데이트

슬프게도, many on the left, they’re not interested in a real solution. 사실로, they don’t even really seem to care about gun violence at all unless and until it fits a preferred political narrative. 지금, take a look at your screen. 이후 2019, 4,598 children have been shot and killed in the United States. Of those, of that number, 43 of those deaths were school shootings.

So why on the left, why do they seemingly always ignore the young kids routinely being gunned down in cities like Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and New York, 천사들, Chicago every single week? We had 28 people shot in Chicago last week. 그런데, that’s on the low side for a typical weekend there. No one on the left ever talks about it. They don’t seem to care.

Community member Amanda Welch brings flowers to lay at Robb Elementary School.

Community member Amanda Welch brings flowers to lay at Robb Elementary School. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

On this program, we have been scrolling the names of murder victims, people that have been involved, that have been shot in the Windy City. We have done this since 2009. 그때부터, 1,381 children under the age of 19 have been shot and killed in Chicago. That includes eight years of the Obama-Biden presidency and vice presidency. But they couldn’t be bothered at the time. They never address, they barely mention the epidemic of violence in Obama’s home city of Chicago. They didn’t lift a finger. They didn’t even try. They didn’t do next to nothing. They barely spoke about the carnage in one of America’s major cities. So you got to ask yourself a question. Why is that? 잘, 간단히 말해서, if Democrats, 미디어 마피아, and if they can’t use a shooting to try and vilify Republicans or conservatives, 뭐, they just ignore it. 왜? 어떻게 그게 가능해요?

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