Hannity: 바이든, Democrats say 'everything counts as infrastructure' except actual infrastructure

Hannity noted that if Biden truly cared about improving or expanding America’s 하부 구조, he wouldn’t have made his first order upon taking office to be cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline; costing an estimate 10,000 jobs in the United States and 캐나다.

Voter integrity and voter ID aren’t the only things Biden is lying abouthe’s continuing to try and sell his massive spending package by pretending it’s about infrastructure,” Hannity는 말했다.

In reality it’s about a socialist takeover of our economy and turning far-left fantasies into realityDemocrats are trying to redefine the words, claiming that pretty much anything and everything counts as infrastructure.

Hannity quoted Gillibrand’s recent tweet claimingpaid leave [from a job] is infrastructure; child care is infrastructure; caregiving is infrastructure.

Uh, 아니, 평의원,” Hannity replied. “That’s not infrastructure.

Joe you know what is infrastructure? The Keystone XL Pipeline project that you killed on your first day in office,” the host continued.

When will you apologize for destroying six-figure careers for hard-working American energy workers?”

Hannity said that Biden and his circle has tolie to the American peoplebecause the truth wholly undermines his credibility.

And they’re getting more desperate by the day, because Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg were caught this week falsely claiming that the package would create 19 million jobsbut it turns out that number included 16.3 million jobs that Moody’s projected would be added even if biden’s infrastructure proposal never became law.

대신, Hannity added, when confronted with inconvenient facts, 민주당 like the president turn tothe race card.

Now the Biden team is claiming that highways and other infrastructure is racistand that it needs to be totally overhauled to pursue so-called racial equity.

I guess now, according to Democrats, roads are racistand you need to apologize for that.

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