Hannity: Biden finally tells truth with stunning debate confession

Hannity: Biden finally tells truth with stunning debate confession

This is a rush transcript from “Hannity” October 23, 2020. 이 사본은 최종 형식이 아닐 수 있으며 업데이트 될 수 있습니다..

SEAN HANNITY, 폭스 뉴스 호스트: And welcome to “Hannity” this busy news Friday.

Tonight, the president continues to barnstorm, crisscross the country.

Joe Biden is getting rest at home. He had a short, short event today in Delaware.

We are 11 며칠 후. You are the ultimate jury in what is a tipping point election for the country. But geriatric Joe doesn’t seem to have the strength, the stamina, mental acuity and alertness to hit the campaign trail. He needs a lot of rest. And after the beating he took at last night’s debate, 잘, I guess he needs time to recover.

He’s also trying to avoid any and all questions about his public corruption scandal that is growing by the hour and unraveling before our eyes.

According to a whistleblower and troves of corroborating documents, Joe Biden did know about his son’s business dealings and was an active participant in his son’s international pay for play schemes. 과, by the way, he was even purportedly getting a cut.

As it turns out, Joe was more than happy to sell out the Biden family name and U.S. foreign policy while he was vice president and his zero-experience son raking in millions.

You know what, 조? You’re right about one thing: character will be on the ballot on November 3rd, and that should make you worried.

And coming up, we’re going to follow all of the Monday with Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson, Peter Schweizer coming up.

And straight ahead, we’ll be talking to the vice president, Mike Pence, who is in Pittsburgh tonight, with more on today’s historic new peace deal between Israel and Sudan, 과, 물론이야, his take on last night’s debate, the state of the campaign.

그러나, first, last night, near the end of the debate, something remarkable happened. Joe Biden for the first time all night actually told the truth about something. Take a look.

(비디오 클립 시작)

KRISTEN WELKER, DEBATE MODERATOR: I have one final question. It fallsit falls


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Would he close down the oil industrywould you close down the oil industry?

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: By the way, I would transition from the oil industry, 예.


지우다: Transition.


BIDEN: That is a big statement because I would stop

WELKER: Why would you do that?

BIDEN: Because the oil industry pollutes significantly.

지우다: I see.

BIDEN: And here’s the deal


지우다: But that’s a big statement.

BIDEN: 잘, if you’d let me finish the statementbecause it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: He finally said it. Under a Biden-Harris administration, the oil and gas industry would become a thing of the past. Now oil, gas, fossil fuels happen to be the life blood of the world’s economy. By the way, millions of high-paying career jobs in America would be eliminated.

과, 물론이야, thanks to President Trump and the last 3 1/2 연령, we have now become energy independent for the first time in 75 연령. We’re for the first time in more than 75 years the world’s largest producer of energy. If Joe Biden, 잘, if he becomes president, that all goes away.

그래서, if you live in Pennsylvania, 오하이오, 텍사스, Oklahoma, be prepared to suffer because if job gets his way, hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs in Pennsylvania alone will be gone. Nationwide, well over 10 million jobs will be eliminated. And the industries that benefit from the energy sector, 잘, they’ll lose jobs as well. That is from anywhere from 6 과

10 percent of the entire U.S. work force.

Manufacturing costs will skyrocket in this country. That means manufacturing will once again overseas, energy costs will skyrocket for every American family.

America’s economy would ultimately be destroyed even before Biden’s proposed tax increases on the middle class and small business. In the process, America’s adversaries like Russia, 중국, Venezuela, they would then own the oil and gas industry. That would allow them to become more powerful than ever before. That will weaken our national security and Joe will be making Russia, 중국, Venezuela and the Middle Easta lot of countries that don’t like us there, he will be making their economies great again instead of making America’s economy great again.

지금, the Biden plan to, 인용문, transition from oil and gas is so insane that even some Democrats today in swing districts, they are racing for cover. Some of Biden’s fellow Democrats are publicly rebuking his extreme agenda.

과, by the way, now Joe and Kamala Harris, they are doing their best and have been all day on damage control. They’re pretending that he doesn’t really want to ban oil and gas. 다시 말해, they’re just lying.

지금, the Green New Deal, which they both support, which calls for the abolition of fossil fuel is literally endorsed, it’s right there on Joe Biden’s own website. Joe and Kamala Harris think that we, the American people, we must be stupid and by the way, they can just lie to our faces over and over again and think we’re going to forget that many times they said they would ban fracking and eliminate fossil fuels.

Last night’s debate is no exception. 예를 들면, Joe Biden said that no one lost their insurance under Obamacare. 잘, millions lost their plans, millions lost their doctors and on average, we’re paying about 200 percent more when they said we would save $ 2,500 per family per year.

Joe also said he never opposed the president’s China travel ban. That was another lie, 너무. 조, 사실은, repeatedly called the travel ban xenophobic, hysterical and fearmongering. He did it the day after the president implemented the travel ban from China. That was ten days after the first identify case of coronavirus. He was doing it in late March.

한 지점에서, Joe also said that he never opposed fracking. This lie was so egregious, even fake news CNNthey had to fact check it. 그래서, 조, do you realize how stupid and dishonest and sleazy you look by doing this? Take a look.

(비디오 클립 시작)

DANA BASH, DEBATE MODERATOR: Would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a Biden administration?

BIDEN: 아니. We wouldwe would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those.

I guarantee you, guarantee you, we’re going to end fossil fuels.

이것의. 카말라 해리스 (D-CA), VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking.

BIDEN: I’d gradually move away from fracking.

해리스: I think it’s critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public land.

BIDEN: No more, no new fracking.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: Eliminate fracking. He said it. Eliminate fracking.

펜실베니아, which Joe do you believe?

대통령, he was right — 47 years in the swamp. Joe Biden all talk, no action. And whenever he does do something, it usually means that we, the American people, pay a heavy price.

과, sadly, Biden’s blatant dishonesty didn’t end there. He told this incredibly bizarre lie about the United States and Adolf Hitler. Take a look.

(비디오 클립 시작)

지우다: You know what, North Korea, we’re not in a war. We have a good relationship. 알 잖아, people don’t understand, having a good relationship with leaders of other countries

WELKER: 트럼프 대통령, we have to move on, because we have a lot of

지우다: — is a good thing.

WELKER: — we have a lot of questions to get through.

지우다: 예.

WELKER: Your response?

BIDEN: We had a good relationship with Hitler before he in fact invaded Europethe rest of Europe. Come on.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: Come on, man. 미국. was sending weapons, 조, and other supplies across the Atlantic to Hitler’s adversaries well before the war.

Maybe something tells me that Joe was not a very good student. 오, that’s right, 너무. He finished near the bottom of his law school class and then he lied about that like he’s lied about so many other things like being endorsed by the NAACP. That was a lie.

지금, that is actually what sank his first presidential bid just a few decades ago.

Do you get the theme here? Joe Biden told many lies last night. 한 지점에서, President Trump forcefully, 알 잖아, brought the issue of the kids and the cages smear that the Democrats are too fond of, 네, and told the truth. Take a look.

(비디오 클립 시작)

지우다: They built cages. 알 잖아, they used to say I built the cages, and then they had a picture in a certain newspaper and it was a picture of these horrible cages and they said look at these cages, President Trump built them, and then it was determined they were built in 2014. That was him.

WELKER: Your response to that?

지우다: They did it, we changed


BIDEN: We did not separate the

지우다: They built the cages. Theywho built the cages, 조?

BIDEN: Let’slet’s talk about what we’re talking about.

지우다: Who built the cages, 조?

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: By the way, 조, you see the cages, these pictures, 네, you built that. I know Obama is fond of saying you didn’t build that. But you guys did build that. You put the kids in cages.

And these pictures are from the time that you were vice president and Barack Obama was president.

지금, it was President Trump who reformed America’s child immigration practices, not you. And nearly 50 years in the D.C. swamp, Joe said a lot of things, made a lot of promises, has very little to nothing to show for his efforts.

지난 밤, President Trump held his feet to the fire. Take a look.

(비디오 클립 시작)

지우다: I don’t make money from China. You do. I don’t make money from Ukraine. You do. I don’t make money from Russia. You made $ 3.5 백만, 조.

I ran because of you. I ran because of Barack Obama, because you did a poor job. If I thought you did a good job, I would have never run.

WELKER: Ten seconds.

지우다: That’s a typical political statement. Let’s get off this China thing and then he looks, the family, around the table, everything, just the typical politician when I see that

WELKER: Let’s talk about North Korea.

지우다: I’m not a typical politician. That’s why I got elected.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: All night, Joe was struggling to defend himself. Frequently instead of making cogent points, or rebuttal, Joe revered to his favorite go-to line. Come on, man. Come on, man. Are youare you a junky? That was one of my favorites.

He did it numerous times throughout the night and throughout the campaign.

Take a look.

(비디오 클립 시작)

BIDEN: Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man.

Come on.

It’s like saying youbefore you got in this program, you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not. What do you think, huh? Are you a junky?

Come on.

If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, and you ain’t black.

그래서, don’t worry about it. Come on.

I got votes for that bill. I convinced people to vote for it.

지우다: The radical left

BIDEN: Would you shut up, man?

Come on.

You’ve been in a caucus? 아니, you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.

Come on.

Let’s do pushups together, man. Let’s do whatever you want to do.

Come on.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: 지금, Joe should have been rested, because he spent five of the last six days inside his basement bunker just preparing for the debate, taking naps and drinking hot cocoa. Is that the best you got? Come on, come on, man, come on, man.

Anyway, in Joe’s defense, it way past his bedtime. That’s probably why he was looking at his watch, likely hoping and praying that the debate would soon come to a merciful end.

You might remember during the 1992 debate when George Herbert Walker Bush, he looked at his watch, became a national scandal. Decades later, the media mob was still obsessing and reminiscing about the scandalous watch moment.

Eerily quiet about Joe though. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 에 1992, George H.W. Bush deliberately looks at his watch and he pays for it when the audience and voters see it as disrespectful.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: George Bush is caught looking at his watch. He doesn’t glance at it. He looks like he’s in a theater production. He accentuated this pre-existing narrative that George W. Bush was just kind of not in the moment, wanted to get through the thing, didn’t care.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: All right. So I wonder if Biden will receive the same treatment from the media mob? Of course not.

지난 밤, many praised the debate moderator’s, 인용문, even-handed performance. I didn’t think it was so even-handed. She interrupted President Trump nearly 30 times and interrupted Biden only twice.

As we’ve been telling you, there are powerful institutional forces including the media mob, big tech, social media, Democratic socialists, so called Never Trumpers, weak establishment Republicans and of course the deep state, all aligned against this president. The only thing that can stop them in 11 days is you, the American people. You’re the ultimate jury.

지금, even so, it’s Joe Biden not President Trump who is resting at his home in Delaware tonight, despite an unprecedented leisurely campaign schedule, I guess Joe is exhausted.

지금, this is important, if Joe Biden doesn’t have strength, the stamina, the mental acuity, the mental alertness to handle the rigors of the campaign, how does he plan to lead the free world considering that’s the hardest job in the world?

Here with more on last night’s debate, the historic peace deal, by the way, the president brokered, is Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, is with us.

씨. 부통령, you’ve got a crowd behind you, where are you, in Pittsburgh tonight?



HANNITY: Please tell everybody in Pittsburgh Sean Hannity says hello.


PENCE: I sure will.


PENCE: A lot of excitement. I was in Ohio earlier today, I’ll tell you what, here in Pittsburgh, everywhere I go people are telling me that President Trump had a big night last night.

But America had a big night because this is a president who’s been delivering for the American people for the last three-and-a-half years, and we’re going to keep delivering a strong military, we’re going to keep growing our economy, we’re going to keep energy independence, we’re going to keep developing all of the resources of our country, appointing conservatives through our court, supporting law and order, we’re going to keep doing it for four more years.

HANNITY: Eliminating

CROWD: Four more years. Four more years. Four more years. Four more years.

HANNITY: 확인. I think you’ve got a few fans.

Eliminating fossil fuels and eliminating fracking; you have been playing the tape on the stump. President Trump now played it when

PENCE: I have.

HANNITY: — he was in Pennsylvania.

Do the people of Pennsylvania now understand that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are beholden to ending fossil fuels, which will destroy the American economy, the lifeblood of the world’s economy, frankly?

PENCE: 보기, people across the heartland know what’s going on here. For the last year, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been saying repeatedly that they’re going to abolish fossil fuels, they’re going to ban fracking, and last night at the tail end of that debate, President Trump said to Joe Biden, are you going to shut down the oil industry in America? He said yes.

And now, even though Joe Biden a couple of weeks ago came to Pittsburgh, said the president had been lying about his recordyou’re right; some of those very same clips you played at the top of the show, we’ve been playing on big screens, the president and me, because — 보기, the American people see what’s going on here.

What Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were saying over the last year is exactly what they’re going to do if they come into office. They’re going to work to abolish fossil fuels, they’re going to work to ban fracking, which would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs here in Pennsylvania alone.

But under President Donald Trump, we’re going to have more fracking, we’re going to develop more of our energy resources, and we’re going to build on a record that, for the first time in 70 연령, we’re a net exporter of energy.

Under President Donald Trump, we’re energy independent. And we’re going to keep developing American energy independence for four more years.

HANNITY: 씨. 부통령, we have a growing scandal, and that is we already knew that Hunter Biden made millions of dollars in Ukraine without any experience in energy, oil, or Ukraine, and his father leveraged a billion taxpayer dollars to get the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden fired in six hours, and he got it done, but now we learn it’s a lot deeper.

Now we see Hunter Biden and the Biden family business getting $ 3.5 million from an oligarch in Russia, the first lady of Moscow. We see wire transfers with the Kazakhstan oligarch.

We see a billion-five deal with the Bank of China 10 days after Hunter flies with his dad on Air Force Two over to Chinano experience in private equity. We have two of Hunter Biden’s associates and partners in jail.

Now we have a whistleblower here. We’re only 11 days out. The media is basically, 알 잖아, running interference for all things Joe Biden.

Do you think the message is getting through that he sold access to his office like this?

PENCE: 잘, I think because President Trump took the case directly to the American people last night, it is getting through, 션.

And look, the American people have a right to know what Joe Biden and his family have been up to. It is astonishing to me after living through the last three-and-a-half yearstwo-and-a-half years of which were spent in what the president rightly calls a witch hunt investigation, an investigation not just of the president and our administration, but of his familysuddenly the media has lost any interest whatsoever in foreign impact or foreign efforts to influence people in American politics.

내말은, Joe Biden needs to come forward and come clean about what was going on when he was running the U.S. effort in Ukraine. 내말은, he basically managed the effort in Ukraine.

You remember that famous video where he said, 알 잖아, I told the president of Ukraine that you were going to fire the prosecutor or you weren’t getting that billion dollars. And son-of-a-gun, they fired the prosecutor, and then we all find out that his son was on the board of the company that the prosecutor was investigating.

I’m just telling you, Joe Biden has got to step up, come clean, and this nonsense from Adam Schiff about this being a Russian disinformation campaign has been completely rebutted by our intelligence community. That laptop, the e-mails are not an effort as Adam Schiff said repeatedly from the Kremlin.

They have come from a laptop that was Hunter Biden’s laptop, by everything that we know. Joe Biden’s got to come forward; his family’s got to come forward.

The American people deserve an answer before Election Day. And they deserve an answer before Election Day about whether Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to pack the Supreme Court. 내말은, to add seats to the Supreme Court so you canafter 150 years with nine justices on the Supreme Courtso that you can then put liberal activist judges to advance your agenda would be the biggest power grab in American history.

First, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in my debate, they refused to answer whether they were going to do it. And then he said, well I’ll do it after we confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and now he says he’s going to wait months after the election before he gives the American people a straight answer.

알 잖아, 보기, if you’re running for the highest office in the land, you ought to tell the American people whether you’re going to respect the highest court in the land.

Joe Biden ought to come forward, he ought to answer questions about the laptop, about Hunter Biden, about these foreign funds flowing in the direction of his family, and he ought to come forward and tell the American people whether he’s going to pack the court.

But again, on that last one, I got to tell you, the people here in Pennsylvania, the people inOhio earlier today


PENCE: They know what’s going on.


PENCE: They know that what they first said about abolishing fossil fuel and banning fracking, they know that’s what they’re going to do regardless of what they’re saying today. And when they refuse to answer whether they’re going to pack the court, they know, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to pack the court, add seats, put activist leftist judges on the court.

But where these folksand we’re not going to let it happen; we’re going to reelect President Donald Trump for four more years. We’re going to have a stronger more prosperous America and an independent judiciary to boot.

HANNITY: All right. 씨. 부통령, my best to the people in Pittsburgh tonight. Thank you for joining us.

By the way, quick programming note.


HANNITY: The vice president will be the guest of the great one, 마크 레빈, “생명, 자유 & 번갯불,” this Sunday night, 8:00 오후. for the full hour. Be sure to tune in.

When we come back, the FBI has agreed to interview Hunter Biden’s former business associate, 토니 보불 린스키. And he also met with Ron Johnson earlier today.

Senator Johnson will join us, as well as Peter Schweizer who blew this all open in his book, “Secret Empires”, straight ahead.

(상업 휴식)


HANNITY: We have new more explosive developments tonight in the intensifying Biden family foreign corruption scandal, as he FBI is now interviewing former Hunter business associate, 토니 보불 린스키, after he claimed that Joe Biden was, 사실로, 인용문, “큰 사람” in revealing text messages dealing with China.

And as FOX News reported this week, 잘, the bureau is now investigating the Hunter Biden laptop in connection with a money laundering probe.

지금, pay attention, this is not hard to understand. You have zero experience Hunter Biden and his criminally convicted partners like Devon Archer who’s awaiting sentencing, and a guy by the name of Bevan Cooney, they made millions of dollars with the shady overseas business dealings.

And as the China threat grew, Joe Biden was downplaying Beijing’s rise, all while his family was cutting $ 1.5 billion deal with the Bank of China and other deals with American adversaries.

And it’s not just about Hunter Biden. It’s now about Joe Biden, as he now appears to have put national security at risk so his family could cash in and make millions.

And breaking just tonight from Peter Schweizer, he’s obtained a new insider document which allegedly reveal how Hunter Biden and his associates help add Chinese military contractor acquire a strategically sensitive Michigan manufacturer all with approval of the Biden and Obama administration.

We did reach out to the Biden campaign for comment. We have yet to hear back.

Here to explain, author of the best-selling book, “Secret Empires”, investigative journalist Peter Schweizer.

All right. So Bevin Cooney is in jail, but he’s given you access to 26,000 e-mails just recently. All right. Then we have Devon Archer, criminally convicted awaiting sentencing. And then we got Tony Bobulinski, and you have spoken to him, correct?


HANNITY: What have you learned?

SCHWEIZER: 잘, what we’ve learned is that what we first reported back in

2018 that the Biden family was developing these ties with all of these foreign governments, we’re now learning the details. What we are reporting now, 션, is based on e-mails that Bevan Cooney provided, how Hunter Biden’s firm and Hunter Biden masked the ownership structure of a Chinese company to acquire a sensitive technology company in the United States.

That American company’s name is Henniges. It’s based in Michigan. It produces precision anti-vibration technologies that can be used both for civilian purposes and military purposes.

And in the e-mails we’ve got, it explains how they set up an offshore ownership structure to try to blur who actually owned the Chinese company entities that ended up buying Henniges.

Why this is important, 션, is it affects national security. But the deal had to be approved by the Obama-Biden administration.

So you have the son of the vice president involved with these Chinese companies, including a military contractor buying American company and that had to be approved by the administration that Hunter Biden’s father was the number two man in. It’s quite an extraordinary transaction.

HANNITY: 지금, it’s Ukraine. It’s Russia. We know it’s Kazakhstan. We know it’s China. And I’m told that might even go further.

How much money are we talking about? And in the research for your book, did you ever find any experience of Hunter Biden and private equity like the deal he made with the Bank of China? You find any experience in oil or gas?

He said he had none onGood Morning America.

Why would these countries be paying Hunter Biden and his partners millions with no experience while Hunter’s dad is the V.P.?

SCHWEIZER: 네, that’s a great question, 션. I would take it even a step further. Not only did Hunter Biden, in some cases Joe Biden’s brothers, who also got foreign deals, not have any experience or expertise in these deals that they struck, it’s really stunning, 션, all of these deals happened while Joe Biden was the vice president of the United States.

They didn’t happen before. They didn’t happen all the other time that Joe Biden was around. It only happened once he became a central player in American foreign policy.

HANNITY: Great investigative work. We’ll stay on the story. The media is trying to put a blackout on it. 감사합니다.

지금, also tonight, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin says he’s not confident in the FBI’s investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop and also wants Tony Bobulinski to appear before his committee as early as next week.

Here to explain more, Senate Homeland Security Committee Chair Ron Johnson.

All right. In your report in September, all of what we’re reporting here is true. That Hunter Biden and his partners, they got $ 3.5 million from this Russian oligarch, the first lady of Moscow, that the Burisma money is real and no experience, that we have a Kazakh oligarch and a wire transfer, and then we have a shopping spree with China on top of the Bank of China, 알 잖아, the private equity deal that they had, $ 1.5 십억.

That’s all fact in your report, correct?

이것의. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): I don’t think we report the $ 1.5 billion but we certainly, 알 잖아, point out the Chinese nationals that they’re trying to set up these businesses foreign (ph). 다시, Pete Schweizer has done some great work.

알 잖아, one thing I’ll add, 알 잖아, one of the advantages if he know Vice President Biden, let’s see you setting up the capital investment business. 그래서, Chinese capital is going to come in and buy company like the Henniges. 잘, sometimes, if it’s sensitive type of technology, you need government approval.

So what better way of getting government approval than having, 알 잖아, the son of the vice president or possibly the son of the secretary state in the case of Chris Heinz, 알 잖아, right there to help grease the skids to get your approval to buy a company that has technology that just might be helpful to the People’s Liberation Army.

HANNITY: Have youthe FBI, 보고서에 따르면, had Hunter Biden’s laptop since December of 2019. Is that true?

JOHNSON: That’s what — 예. It was obtained through a grand jury subpoena and it was collected. I don’t know what they did. That’s why’s written a letter to Inspector General Horowitz to investigate, 알 잖아, the circumstances surrounding the obtaining of that computer and what exactly he did with it, because we know what they did with Anthony Weiner’s computer. They didn’t do anything until the week before the election when they had to do something with it.

HANNITY: All right. Let me go to another issue here, and that this new player that came out yesterday, Bob Bobulinski. Have you met with him?

I know you want him to come before your committee next week.

JOHNSON: He was going to interview with our committee today. But the FBI gave him a call. And they wanted to interview with him.

And I certainly understand why he would give the FBI top priority. But hopefully, we’ll able to get him in front of our committee hopefully next week is what we’re hoping.

HANNITY: What about Bevan Cooney who has now given Peter Schweizer access to 26,000 e-mails as well? Have you gotten a hold of those? And do have your own copy of the Hunter Biden hard drive?

JOHNSON: I do not. That wasthat whistle-blower contacted us and we just went through the authentication process with validation. 과, 션, what I can tell you is we found nothingno discrepancies. Everything we found had been verifying and validating the authenticity of these e-mails.

그래서, 다시, for Adam Schiff — 알 잖아, quite honestly, you have to give Adam Schiff credit for lying again. I think that’s one of the things that really prompted Tony Bobulinski to come forward. He was just so enraged by Adam Schiff’s lying once again that this is a Russian disinformation campaign. It is not.

So thank Adam Schiff for lying one more time to the American public. It amazes me that anybody would listen to that man.

HANNITY: So Hunter Biden and his associates and Joe Biden’s family cashed in millions and millions of dealdollars in deals while he was vice president and actually even flying on Air Force Two is. That a fact?

JOHNSON: 네, we certainly believe so. 과, 물론이야, what we also know is Vice President Biden is now a serial liar. How many times does he have to tell, 오, I never talked to Hunter Biden about his overseas businesses?

And yet, we now know a number of reasons why we know exactly he did lie, because he met with Tony.

He met with Tony and Hunter and James in Los Angeles in May of 2017. What did they talk about? The weather? 아니, they talked about the business.

We know that Amos Hochstein, special envoy to Ukraine, talked to the vice president about that glaring conflict of interest and then Joe Biden talked to Hunter to arrange a meeting between Hunter and Amos Hochstein. 그래서, we proved that in our report.

I never believed the vice president never talk to his son on a multi-hour fly to China? That then resulted in a handshake with Hunter Biden’s future business partner?

아니. Vice President Biden continues to lie and I think the American people need to hold him accountable for those lies.

HANNITY: All right. 평의원, thanks for staying on the story. We’ll continue to bring you on and update our audience. 감사합니다.

When we come back, we’re going to break things down where they stand in the important swing states around the country. We’re only 11 며칠 후. You’re the ultimate jury. The architect Karl Rove is next. 나중, Leo 2.0 and Dan Bongino as well.

Stay with us.

(상업 휴식)

HANNITY: In just 11 일, you are the ultimate jury. What is a tipping point election for the country. The president is now surging in battleground polls. They’re all tightening and the Biden campaign is now embroiled in what is a burgeoning foreign corruption scandal.

And just like I’m being saying, this president, 잘, he doesn’t poll like traditional candidates. And in some ways, it’s kind of eerily similar to 2016. But I always say, act like you’re a touchdown down and you got two minutes to go, 권리?

The race? 잘, you have no time-outs. You’re on your own 20. Got to march down the field, 80 yards across the plain, kick the extra point. That’s how you win.

If you think that way, I think it creates urgency. Here to break it all down, the key swing states, Insider Advantage chairman, Matt Towery, FOX News contributor, 칼 로브, the architect.

Good to see you both.

Matt, you did two recent polls. You had two up three in Florida and down by three in Pennsylvania. After last night and fracking, does that hold?


And let me just say, the polling this year is very, very difficult. I don’t have a lot of confidence in any of the polls. We’re relying on cell phone respondents. They are very unreliable.

So polling may be finished after this cycle. This looks like when I talked to the FOX affiliates last year for 2017. I told them on the air the night before, I didn’t think that Hillary was going to win. I thought Trump would win even though the polling said otherwise. I see the same trend this time.

And I see things shifting very, very quickly. Pennsylvania after last night, 아니, I think you’re going to see it crumble for Biden. I think Trump will end up carrying it.

HANNITY: 칼 로브, let’s go over the debate, the state of the race and this burgeoning scandal.

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: 잘, 보기, I think last night the president did well. I think frankly did well, by technical standards. But Biden gave the president a lot of openings to exploit in the final 12 days of the campaign.

The biggest one I’m going to do away with the oil industry and I don’t really care about 11 million people losing their jobs.

But there were other moments last night and I think the president has an opportunity to make this more of a contrast election. Taxes, really? 알 잖아, 그는 말했다, I’m going to raise your taxes. Really? In a recession we’re going to do that?

As the country is trying to recover from COVID, we’re going to recover, we’re going to try and raise taxes? He said I’m not going to raise taxes on anybody who makes less than $ 400,000. That’s not simply true. In his own plan, he’s going to put back in the individual mandate, the Obama individual mandate, Obamacare individual mandate, which is a lot of it is paid by people who make less than $ 50,000 a year.

He also, as part of his tax plan, wants to take away some of the tax attractiveness of an IRA or 401(k) or ROTH. He wants people to havemake it tougher for people to save tax-free for their retirement.

And he’s going to raise taxes on businesses, really, that’s a great idea as we’re trying to recover. And it’s really great to raise taxes on businesses to a level that is above our foreign competitors. What does that going to do?

It’s going to do two things. It’s going to drive up the cost of the goods and services of business who provide and ultimately, it’s going to result in less compensation to their employees. Who’s going to pay those taxes?

It’s going to be customers and the employeesthe customers by paying more and the employees by getting less.

And here’s the dirty little secret: there’s a report out from Moody’s, the Biden people talk about it all the time. Says it’s going to be a great economic plan. All kinds of good things are going to happen.

But buried in there is this simple set of numbers: $ 7.3 trillion in new spending over the next decade, $ 4.1 trillion in higher taxes, which means there’s another $ 3.2 일조. Are we going to add it to the deficit?

I think this is where we’re going to see them come for everybody’s pocketbook to make up that shortfall. That’s one issue.

Socialized medicine — 아니, I’m not in favor of socialized medicine. Really?

You’re in favor, 조 바이든, of the public option. What you’re going to do is put the government into the health insurance business and there, subsidized by your tax dollars, 씨. and Mrs. 미국. They’re going to compete with your local insurance provider.

How long do you think that insurance companies are going to be able to compete when all the government has to do was take more money out of your pocket to subsidize that coverage? That will lead us straight to socialized medicine. That’s what socialized medicine is, the government taking over your healthcare.

And not only that, but he’s in favor of allowing people to buy into Medicare who aren’t Medicare age. 보기, Medicare is going broke. And so, 지금, we’re going to take the resources from a program that’s running short of money and spread it over a larger part of the population so seniors get less and people who aren’t seniors get more?

내말은, this is justthis is socialism. Let’s not kid ourselves.

과, 드디어, energy. It’s not just doing away with the oil and gas business. Remember this. We’re all supposed to be driving electric cars not far in the future. They’re really expensive, a heck of a lot more expensive than gasoline-powered automobiles.

And think about it. We’re going to be saying everybody is getting in electric cars and that’s going to drive up the demand for electricity. And at the same time, Biden says he’s going to get rid of the 70 percent of electricity generation that comes from fossil fuels, primarily natural gas and he’s going to do so in the next 15 연령.


ROVE: 그래서, at the same time we’re driving up electricity, we’re going to be reducing the supply of electricity so we got blackouts and higher prices.

Howhow good is that going to be for Mr. and Mrs. America in higher utility bills?

HANNITY: All right. 칼 로브, 감사합니다. Matt Towery, 감사합니다.

When we come back, 적어도 — last night’s debate, President Trump laid in to Biden for his disastrous record with the African American community. We have polls showing massive increases in support.

Leo Terrell 2.0 and Dan Bongino straight ahead.

(상업 휴식)

HANNITY: During last night’s debate, President Trump highlighted his record of delivering for the African American community, exposed Biden’s troubling record on race, and even FiveThirtyEight so loved by liberals, they noted this week that President Trump is gaining ground with African-Americans and Hispanic Americans.

Here with reaction, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell 2.0, who’s actually out campaigning for Donald Trump. FOX News contributor, Dan Bongino.

All right. You’re out campaigning. These polls aren’t just showing an increase of support, they’re showing a massive increase of support for African Americans, Hispanic Americans. Will that translate into votes here on the campaign trail, Leo 2.0?

LEO TERRELL, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Let me think about that. 예! 그것은.

션, Trump surrogates are outworking Joe Biden surrogates. I went to four states. I gave 20 different speeches in three days. I’m telling you, there’s tremendous momentum among black Americans in the Midwest, in the south for Trump.

Trump took the highest number of black voters, male voters than any other Republican. I’ll tell you why, because he has a platinum plan, he has a program that is going to infuse cash, capital into black businesses. He’s already done a lot.

The bottom line is Joe Biden has done nothing. And guarantee you, black America sees that. I’m telling you, being on the ground, there’s tremendous enthusiasm for Donald J. 지우다.

I love being on the campaign trail campaigning for Trump. The people are fantastic.

HANNITY: When you look at the platinum plan, Dan Bongino, criminal justice reform, police reform, opportunity zones, historically black colleges and record low unemployment for every minority demographic in the country.

Joe didn’t get that done in the 47 years he’s been in Washington. Donald Trump got it done in three years.


And I say, prior to Donald Trump, 알 잖아, a lot of members of the Republican Party did us a real disservice, I’m sorry to say it, by ignoring the black community.


BONGINO: 들리다, I campaigned for office in a state that has a large black population, 메릴랜드. 과, 션, I can’t tell you how many doors I knocked on. I wouldn’t tell people my party affiliation first, I would just discuss general political issuesthey’re conservative. A lot of themI’m not speaking for the entire black community, obviously, but you’d be stunned how manyand you say you’re a Republican and they believe a lot of the media hype, the black voters I spoken to.

And then the conversation would change a little bit. But their values are largely conservativehard work, social values, church-going, 가족.

This isn’t stunning to anyone who’s actually knocked on the doors of black voters.

Let me say again, 너무, before Donald Trump, we had been afraid, 크게, to call out the biggestthe most destructive political force in America for the black community, liberalism. Baltimore used to be one of the wealthiest black cities in the entire country. It’s now one of the poorest since Republicans have been monopolistically pushed out by the Democrats over there. 내말은, there’s no excuse for this, 션.

And one more thing, I had from the Trafalgar Group, Robert Cahaly, who you had on your show, and on my show, he brought up a fascinating point. He believes that President Trump could get 15 percent or more of the black vote, which would be historic.



BONGINO: But he brought up a great point. He said, you know what, we may never know, because in the exit polls, there’s pressure in the black community which Leo could probably attest to, to not say you’re supporting Trump that the exit polls may never say. But he thinks he can get up to 15 퍼센트, which would be extraordinary.

HANNITY: All right.

TERRELL: I’ll say, I’ll say this, 션 —

HANNITY: Look at Leo, for the first time in Leo’s life, he’s voting for a Republican. Voted, you’re already voted.

TERRELL: I already voted. I already voted. I voted for Trump two weeks ago.

BONGINO: I want a Leo 2.0 hat.

TERRELL: You got it, Dan.


HANNITY: All right. Thank you both.

BONGINO: Send it over.

HANNITY: Quick programming note, before we go, make sure to check out Leo

2.0 and Larry Elder’s brand new show on FOX Nation. I think I’m the one that suggested it. Just saying.

More “Hannity” after this.

(상업 휴식)

HANNITY: Quick programming note, this Sunday, the great one, 마크 레빈, will be airing his interview with Vice President Pence for the full hour.

Here’s a sneak preview of that interview. Take a look.

(비디오 클립 시작)

MARK LEVIN, 폭스 뉴스 호스트: A study out of Stanford and Hoover Institute that says the Biden plan will cost 5 million blue-collar jobs.

PENCE: Right.

번갯불: It would destroy our energy independence. 내말은, I remember, we’ve been trying for 50 years to be energy independent. Now we finally are.

You talk about fracking which would drive the parts of this country into a deep depression.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: The great one, Vice President Pence, full hour, “생명, Liberty and Levin”, Sunday night, 8:00 Eastern right here on FOX.

All right. We’re out of time. Set your DVR so you never miss an episode.

Let not your heart be troubled, Laura Ingraham is next. When we get back here Monday, eight days, we’re counting them down. Have a great weekend.

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