Hannity: Biden regales Michiganders with sidewinding tale about grandfather as Americans stuck in Afghanistan

그의 “오프닝 독백“, Hannity slammed Biden for continuing to ignore American citizens his strategy put at risk, while instead choosing to campaign for his multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill the left is dubbing ‘human infrastructure’.

Hannity noted Biden spent time in Michigan telling a sidewinding tale about his grandfather while the New York Times reported scores of CIA assets in Afghanistan and elsewhere have been captured killed or compromised.

During a visit to Howell, 나를., Biden gave a stump speech in favor of the $ 3.5 trillion socioeconomic overhaul bill, which Hannity described as featuring a meandering vignette about the his grandfather that the Delaware Democrat attempted to tie into his support for electric vehicles as funded in the bill:

By the way, parenthetically, when you build a charging station, it’s like back in the day when my Grandpop worked for American Oil company back in the turn of the – in the 19’s: 1920, in that area,” 바이든이 말했다.

They went from state to state convincing people that they’d put – to allow them to put 20,000 gallons of gasoline under the ground. They didn’t want them around.

But guess what happened: Everything builds up around them. You put these charging stations along, how are you going to see significant economic development go well beyond the charging station,” Biden concluded.

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Biden’s grandfather, Joseph H. 바이든, was a Maryland-based executive for what is today Amoco, then the American Oil Corporation, according to the Baltimore Sun. The family later went “파산” due to aseries of reversals,” the Sun reported.

What on earth is Joe Biden trying to say?” Hannity asked in response. “상관없이, he is desperately trying to save his insane domestic socialist agendaBecause his radical party is demanding it.

“오늘, Joe Biden is not thinking about those he left behind in Afghanistan,” the host continued. “He’s not thinking about the crisis at the southern borderTruth be told, Biden probably doesn’t form many cogent thoughts anyway.

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