Hannity: Biden's Afghanistan failures an 'international disgrace'; approaching recession a 'massive crisis'

Die “Hannity” host said the U.S. leaving Americans, allies and $ 83 billion in military equipment behind in Afghanistan has amounted to aninternational disgrace; humiliation on the world stage. It sends a message of emboldenment to our enemies and yes, it scares to death our allies.

Hannity noted that Tuesday was the 66th day that Americans and allies had been left behindto suffer, die under Taliban rulein Afghanistan. The host also said that Taliban leaders gave cash andpromis[red] plots of land to the families of suicide bombers who killed U.S. soldiers.


Back here at home, [the IRS] wil hê[s] an ever-present window into your bank accounts,” Het Hannity gesê, noting the proposal for the IRS to monitor bank transactions over $ 600. The government also “wil hê[s] to…figure out a way to tax every single nickel out of youthrough the Build Back Better plan, hy het gesê. It would most affect those making under $ 50,000 n jaar.

“Byna 60 percent would see additional taxes from this government intrusion into your bank account,” Het Hannity gesê. “But I thought Biden promised not to raise taxes on anyone making over 400 grand a year. OK, Joe Biden lying again.

Biden’s efforts to tax lower and middle class Americans to fund Build Back Better come while those same Americans feel the effects of inflation, rising gas prices and supply chain shortages, Het Hannity gesê.

And it’s about to get so much worse,” hy het gesê, aanhaling “mass resignations and mass firingsof those who refuse to comply with Biden’s vaccine mandate. The crime-ridden city of Chicago may lose 1,000 police officers despite Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown’s threat to deny retirement benefits to officers who retire instead of complying with the city’s COVID-19 vaccination policy.

Thousands of other police officers, brandweermanne, eerste reageer, verpleegsters, onderwysers [en] members of the military…[is] all set to lose their jobs,” Het Hannity gesê.

Hannity cited economists from Dartmouth College and University College London who said a recession isabsolutely fast approaching,” hy het gesê. “This is a massive crisis. Jen Psaki [is] mocking the concern of millions of Americans… [She’s a] pretty disgraceful, low-class ‘public servant.'

Hannity closed by making a plea to West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin who is being wooed by the progressive wing of the party to back a $ 3.5 biljoen bestedingspakket. Hannity said that if Manchin sides with the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders, he is not looking out for the best interests of his West Virginia constituents, concluding, “Build Back Better will be a nightmare for West Virginia … and our country.

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