Hannity ontplof media om die oorsprong van koronavirus te manipuleer: Joernalistiek is ‘dood,'Begrawe'

SEAN HANNITY: Die nuwe, dwingende bewyse dat COVID-19 by die Wuhan Instituut vir Virologie ontstaan ​​het. Jy weet, die laboratorium wat dodelike virusse bestudeer het? From cell phone data showing a potential shutdown at the lab in the fall of 2019, reports of hospitalized workers in November 2019, China’s silencing of journalists and doctors and other whistleblowers. We have long now covered the very real possibility that the Wuhan lab was the origin, was the source of COVID-19. But during the Trump administration, so-called journalists, so-called fact-checkers, the media mob in general, they called this a debunked conspiracy theory.

[Die] abusively biased… media mob just hated Trump so much that you were willing to push Chinese propaganda from the World Health Organization to try and make Donald Trump look stupid… I’ll say it once again – Journalism in America is dead, it’s buried. And the great irony, every single one of these media mob outlets, all of them, they’re the ones that peddled in the massive Trump-Russia conspiracy theory lies. They spread the lies for three long years. They have never been held accountable, they never apologized, hulle het die rekord nooit reggestel nie.


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