Hannity blasts White House after Psaki admits strategically 'hiding Biden' from unscripted press questions

ショーンハニティー, ホスト: 今晩, 民主党内の最大の懸念は、ジョー・バイデンがこれらの急進的な支出提案と増税について嘘をつくということではありません; it’s that he’ll accidentally tell the truth. それが理由です “Circle Back JenPsaki just admitted that the administration constantly recommends that Biden not take questions from reporters.

‘Joe be a good president and we will reward you with cookies and warm milk-y before bedtime’usually 7 pm Eastern sharp.

If this admission is not clear confirmation that the administration is strategically hiding the president from the mediawhat else is? If America had a non-partisan, 責任者, honest press, this would be a big story. But we don’t have an honest press. 代わりに, we have an abusively biased media mob that protects Democrats and attacks Republicans, especially if they support Donald Trump.

Hannity added that his analysis was borne out most recently by former Lincoln Project member Kurt Bardella on MSNBCwho claimed the Republican Party he once belonged to is a bigger threat to America than “アルカイダ, Usama bin Laden and the Taliban combined.

ハニティ: Tom Brokaw must be so proud of the news brand he spent a career building up. Now you see what’s happening here?

On the left, you’re allowed to lie and make crazy ridiculous, totally untrue statements. You can even get a free pass to say racist, and sexist, and xenophobic, and homophobic things. and a pass to call African-American conservatives any name you want.

だが, on the right, you’re not even allowed to make a mistake, or even misspeak. 実際には… sometimes even when you tell the truthyou risk getting canceled.