Hannity: Democratic Party and its media mob allies 'in an utter state of chaos'

“오늘 밤, 민주당, their close allies in the mob in the media are in an utter state of chaos,” 그는 말했다. “Poll numbers imploding. [대통령] Biden struggling in every single way. Many are in a state of despair. Some are predictably smearing their political opponents as racist. Others in Congress are throwing in the towel, retiring en masse. They want out completely. At least one media outlet is calling for the National Guard to round up unvaccinated Americans who dare to leave their homes.


NBC News reported that Biden administration officials believe they have what Hannity called amessaging problem.

“다시 말해, even the White House, they know what we’ve been telling you, even in the early days of the election, that Joe Biden is incapable of communicating well,” he reacted. “멍하니, 혼란스러운, confounded, mumbling, bumbling, 걸림돌. A complete cognitive mess.

This won’t work well for any of them,” the Fox News host added. “사실로, at this stage in life, he’s really not able to do much of anything well at all.