Hannity: Democrats and the media mob ignored violent crime for years

SEAN HANNITY: I’ve said it often. Every city and every town in this country needs and deserves law and order and safety and security for every American. Children are our national treasure. It’s sad this young teenager is now dead. Out at 2:30 in die oggend. Gun residue on his hands. Hy is 13 jaar oud. He’s a child. None of this should happen in America to our national treasure. En nou, all of a sudden, Chicago violence and death suddenly seems to matter to the Democrats, the media mob really. Because for years, while this program, right here on this show we have been sounding the alarm about the violent crime and the crisis that is every weekend in Chicago without exception, everyone on the left ignored it.

In the week before Adam Toledo’s death, 60 people were shot, 15 were murdered in the city of Chicago. I doubt any of you can name them. This past summer remember the little girl shot on the 4th of July playing at her grandmothers house? Tot dusver vanjaar, 129 people have been murdered in Chicago. That’s a whopping 33% increase over last year’s record increase.


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