Hannity: Democrats call any opposition to their radical socialist power grab 'racist'

HANNITY: It’s now obvious that many on the left believe that America is an evil, racist country and the only way to fix it, I guess, is to burn our system to the ground.  The greatest country God gave man. Our Founders and Framers gave us something—a path to right wrongs and correct injustices—and we have a history of doing so. That is ignored. Of course this egregious lie has been spoon fed to the masses by Democrats and the media mob for decades. I tell you every 2 years and every 4 years, it’s the Democratic Party playbook. And now, any opposition to the Democrats’ radical socialist power grab, now they’re calling that racist. 

Make no mistake, everything Democrats disagree with is racist. The Founding Fathers, the Constitution, First Amendment, Second Amendment, Christopher Columbus, law enforcement. Last night in New York City, BLM rioters, they combined two of their favorite villains in one demonstration. They vandalized a monument in Columbus Circle by spray painting it with anti-police slogans.

Meanwhile, just a few days ago, Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for violent confrontations on the streets. What happened to the party of compassion? What happened to all that unity Joe promised us? But don’t worry, Maxine Waters now claims that she’s totally non-violent and never calls for violence. On the radical left, up is down, down is up. Facts no longer matter. Truth doesn’t matter.


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