Hannity: 민주당’ ‘deprogrammingrhetoric the opposite of Biden’s calls for ‘unity

Hannity: Democrats' 'deprogramming' rhetoric the opposite of Biden's calls for 'unity'

민주당, members of the mainstream media빅 테크 are elevating their rhetoric about their political opponents to alarming heights, Sean Hannity said Monday.

그만큼 “Hannityhost pointed to calls from figures like former “오늘” host Katie Couric and Washington Post associate editor Eugene Robinson that Trump supporters must bedeprogrammedof what they describe as dangerous groupthink.

This kind of rhetoric is now commonplace on the left,” Hannity는 말했다 “[로빈슨] wondered [on MSNBC] how mostly White, mostly Republican voters, how do we deprogram them? Into what? Little socialists like you?”

He then played a clip of Robinson calling Trump votersmembers of a cultand demanding they have their personal ideology essentially forced out of them.

KATIE COURIC의 '합격, 엘리트’ '디 프로그래밍'을 요청하는 비고’ GOP는 JOURNO 레이블을 철회합니다, 비평가들의 말

Couric called itbizarreto watch Republican lawmakersbelieving the garbage they are being fed 24/7 on the Internet [과] by their constituents.She claimed such lawmakers bought into abig lieand wondered, like Robinson, how they aredeprogrammed.

Reeducation camps, deprogramming, 확인,” Hannity는 말했다. “According to the press wing of the Democratic-Establishment Socialist Party, you, we the people, we need to be deprogrammed or put in reeducation camps because our political opinion differs from theirs.

Hannity added that while the effort by the liberal press establishment to censor or quash dissenting or conservative voices is not new, it shows some on the left believe their debate opponents areoutright evil.

They are little totalitarians,” 그는 말했다. “Their one goal is to shut you up; shut us up.

Hannity added that the danger is compounded by Democrats in Congress seeking to enact aradical platform”, including open borders, curtailing the Keystone XL pipeline, and the Green New Deal regulations.

“[이것의] everything we warned you about. Noticeably missing from the Biden-Harris agenda, anything actually related to unity,” 그는 말했다. “After an extremely close and contentious election, no one on the left actually wants to bring 75 million Trump voters into the fold. Quite the opposite.

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