Hannity: Democrats dump Andrew Cuomo, but Biden manages one final compliment

The 63-year-old Queens Democrat is no longer useful to his party, the host said, while also noting that President Biden saved one last compliment for the embattled governor – declaring he had done a “helluva job.” 

“Andrew Cuomo’s days as governor of New York are officially numbered. After a bombshell investigation by the New York State attorney general determined Andrew Cuomo was a serial sexual abuser who may have violated state and federal law, Cuomo saw the writing on the wall and officially announced his resignation effective two weeks from today.”


The host noted Cuomo was “almost completely abandoned by his friends and political allies — if he even has any,” save for Biden who praised his work on New York infrastructure and election law reform.

“Despite calling on him to resign just last week, today, Joe Biden complained that this was all so sad: because Cuomo had done a helluva job,” Hannity said.

After being pressed on his comment, Biden maintained that he was not grouping Cuomo’s personal and potential legal tribulations with his conduct as the chief executive of the Empire State.

“Helluva job?” Hannity asked incredulously. “What about the thousands of seniors who are now dead because of Cuomo’s insane decision to put COVID patients in nursing homes? What about the ensuing cover-up, when Cuomo allegedly tried to hide the true number of nursing home deaths? What about the fact that New York State is home to the second-highest COVID-19 death rate in the country?”


Hannity also challenged the proposition Cuomo has improved New York infrastructure in his tenure, pointing to the “crumbling” nature of roads, bridges and transit throughout the Empire State.

“What about the crushing taxes … and the rampant public corruption?” he asked. “Apparently, it’s just the allegations of sexual misconduct that trouble Joe Biden.”

“With Trump out of office, and allegations swirling, Cuomo’s value to the democratic party has been diminished — he is no longer the savior of the left,” Hannity said.

Hannity concluded by noting that Cuomo’s departure also continues a now-decades-long political trend for New York Democratic governors: the last three who left office amid scandals.

Gov. George Pataki, who led New York through the 9/11 era, was a Peekskill Republican who was also the last governor not to leave his office in scandal when he departed Albany in 2006.

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