Hannity: Democrats seeking to 'cement their power in perpetuity' with illicit moves

HANNITY: Esta semana, while we focused on the growing tensions in America’s major cities, the Democratic Party has been very busy. Just as we predicted on the campaign trail, the left is now plotting to cement their power in perpetuity with a series of illicit moves.

We’re watching what are statist, authoritarian measures that are insane. That would forever change this country in ways most people can’t even imagine. Por cierto, el año pasado, candidate Joe Biden flatly told we the American people that he supported “ninguno” of these proposals. Maybe he forgot.

In the coming weeks we’re going to see if Joe Biden is even actually in charge. Because he seems to be led by the most radical elements of his party. The radical socialists, the squad seems to be in control of pretty much everything. So is he going to stand by his decades-long convictions? Or will he change his position at the drop of a hat because he is governed by the radical socialists?


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