Hannity: Either 'Milley is a dangerous traitor' or Woodward, Costa are 'liars'

의 위에 “Hannity“, the host read the excerpt in question from Woodward and Costa, of Milley, speaking to Li: “If we are going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time.

Either that line is false and Woodward and Costa’s reporting is nothing but a total B.S. lie, or that would mean the only option I see is that Milley would be a traitor. I don’t see any middle ground here. It is one way or the other,” Hannity는 말했다.

Delving further into their reportage on Milley, Hannity said the book alleges Milley joined with the lawmaker who is third in line to the presidency to undermine the presidential powers of Donald Trump.

Shortly after receiving a phone call from a hyperventilating Nancy Pelosi demanding that the nuclear football be taken away from President Trump,” Hannity는 말했다. “General Milley, according to this book, summoned senior officers and informed them that he must be involved in any decision to launch nuclear weapons.

The host asked if Milley wascolludingwith Pelosi to usurp the Constitutional authority of the White House.

그렇다면, it would constitute the actual definition of “폭동” – which Hannity noted Democrats enjoy bandying about toward Trump and his supporters.

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That’s the Democratsfavorite word,” 그는 말했다. “[그러나] our constitution is clear. It authorizes the president and the president alone with that power and authority over our military. There is no constitutional authority granted to the chairman of the joint chiefs.

Hannity called on Congress to appoint a special commission to investigate the veracity of the book’s claims, adding that until it is hashed out, Milley should be put on administrative leave.

If that were to happen, ostensibly the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, USAF Gen. John Earl Hyten, would step into the top role in the interim.

“[O]ne of two things is true: Milley is a dangerous traitor who can put our country in serious danger or Woodward and Costa are liars,” Hannity는 말했다.

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