Hannity: Election controversies point to a ‘system that is brokenand had ‘better be fixed

Hannity: Election controversies point to a 'system that is broken' and had 'better be fixed'

Die 2020 presidentsverkiesing results are still technically outstanding due to irregularities and voter fraud allegations, and this should frustrate every American after four years of uneven treatment between political parties by the media, 'Hannity” host Sean Hannity argued Thursday.

Hannity reminded viewers that President-elect Joe Biden was let off easy by the mainstream press during the campaign and given a pass while hiding from coronavirus in his basement. Intussen, the same media pummeled President Trump “every single minute” of every day, Hannity said.

“So it’s no surprise that so-called journalists now have no interest in looking into cases of American citizens saying that these are serious abuses of power here," hy het gesê. “They got the outcome they wantedThey don’t really care what happened.”


On Election Day, Hannity pointed out, meer as 73 million Americans voted for President Trump, 11 million more votes than in 2016.

“Every American should be tired and fed up at the double standard," hy het gesê. “It’s gone on for four years: the lies, the conspiracy theories, breathless hysteria reporting and corruption. They don’t trust America’s powerful institutions and you shouldn’t.”


Hannity said this broken trust is part of the chaos of this year’s election and will likely worsen in years to come if the “broken” system isn’t adjusted. He added every American needs to understand that laws have been broken while thousands of uncounted votes are still being dug up two weeks after the election.

“Does that not rub you the wrong way?” he asked. “They all point to an election system that is broken – you would think every American cares – one that better be fixed or it’s going to keep happening.

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