Hannity neem Fauci uit oor nuwe oorwegings oor maskermandate: 'So now we're supposed to ignore the science?'

“Twee maande gelede, dit was Joe Biden wat met trots 'n beleid van 'vax of mask' verklaar het,' die “Hannity” gasheer gesê. “Wel, nou oorweeg die CDC 'n nuwe hersiening, nuut, nuwe beleid van inenting en 'n masker. How many more mixed messages will the American people be given? One mask, two masks, geen masker nie, some mass, mask indoors and mask outdoors and maybe mask in perpetuity and now it is never mind what we said before?


“En onthou,” gaan hy voort, “according to Democrats, the media mob and the great flip-flop Dr. Anthony Fauci, wel, life is supposed to return to normal for ingeënt Amerikaners. That’s what they told us.

Fauci was questioned by CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Saturday over whether he was part of conversations with top health officials on whether to impose a nationwide mask mandate for vaccinated Americans, and whether he thinks masks should be brought back.

Fauci said implementing mask mandates isunder active consideration,” and that he ispart of the discussion,” but did not say whether or not he supported mask mandates.

How is this following the science everyone was supposed to follow?” Hannity fired back. “Are we supposed to ignore the science?”

Die “mask obsessed left in America is not following the science,” hy het gesê. “They are panicking, failing, flipping and flopping daily.

Met dit gesê, Hannity encouraged viewers to take thisvirus seriously.

“Ja, it’s deadly,” he asserted. “We can read the numbers and it can kill you. I do believe in science. I believe in the science of vaccination but I am not your doctor. I’m not going to give you or anybody medical advice and frankly like many Americans, I’m fed up with the ever-changing policies and advice, it’s like the gang that can’t shoot straight so yes, take this seriously.

Do your own extensive research. Talk to actual medical professionals you trust. Talk to your own doctor or doctors, look at the data, factoring your unique medical history, your current medical condition, make your own decision in consultation with your doctors but if the media mob continues to panic and downplay the efficacy of vaccines with mask mandates and lockdowns, the trust will be eroded even further and perhaps even shattered forever.

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