Hannity 독점: 과테말라 대통령, 혼합 메시징에 대해 Biden 행정부를 조장

카터, Fox News 기고자, 해리스가 멕시코로 떠난 직후 Giammattei와 대화; following what both liberal and conservative critics called a disastrous visit to the northern triangle by the California Democrat.

Giammattei told Carter that people are leaving Guatemala and being taken advantage of by the ruthless cartels and human traffickingcoyotes”, in part because of mixed messaging from the United States.

He pushed back against the Biden administration… He said this border crisis is one of your own making. Don’t put the blame on us,” Carter recalled.

Giammattei said the U.S. should be clearer in its messaging, and that humanitarian messages have routinely beendistortedby coyotes to flood the border with unaccompanied minors – and benefit financially in the process.

What they said [in the US] is that they will promote family unification – so the coyotes took the children and teenagers to the U.S., and the order was full, not only with people from Guatemala.

“[그] is why our proposal is that messages should be clear,” 그는 계속했다, adding that Harris was firm in her “오지마” message given while speaking to reporters there.

But if you have a lukewarm message, it only creates the opportunity to misinterpret,” 그는 경고했다.

Speaking with host Sean Hannity, Carter added that Giammattei wants bilateral cooperation with the U.S. that includes stronger federal charges against traffickers and coyotes. He said he is willing to institute that at home while in concert with Washington.

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