Hannity: 'Fussy' and 'irritable' Biden is 'hollow shell of his former self'

HANNITY: We turn the weak cognitive mess that is sippy cup Joe, who definitely missed nap time today because he seemed to be extremely fussy and quite irritable. During prepared remarks at the White House he randomly out of nowhere starting yelling. In what was a bizarre strange outburst.

Was Joe Biden like this in 2016, 2012? Because Joe, let’s be honest, was never a particularly bright or smart guy, but what we’re now seeing sadly for him is a hollow shell of his former self. A total complete cognitive mess. What’s really sad is the reality is that if we can all see it, so can America’s enemies, and we have real enemies in Iran, 중국에서, 북한, 러시아. Vladimir Putin doesn’t respect or fear Joe Biden, 사실로, none of these people do none of these countries do. He just steamrolled, Vladimir did, 바이든, who rubber-stamped Russia’s new pipeline project into Western Europe, into Germany.

This is what America last looks like. This was putting Putin first and Russia first. 지난주, Russians hacked America’s largest pipeline system causing massive fuel shortages in 17 주, all along the east coast, up and down the east coast. And this week they were rewarded with their very own pipeline into Germany. 알 잖아, well screw American jobs, all those guys who had career jobs on the pipeline in the energy sector. Screw American energy independence, we are all going to pay higher prices. There’s wealth and prosperity and safety and security by not needing foreign sources of energy, now we’re energy dependent again. 확실한, go ahead Vladimir, you do whatever you want.


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