Hannity labels Biden administration's dependence on Russian oil 'unconscionable'

Il presidente russo Vladimir Putin “is only able to carry this invasion out because of the West’s reliance on Russian oil,” Egli ha detto. “This oil is Putin’s lifeblood, and it is and has always been. e per me, it’s just incomprehensible and frankly unconscionable that despite these terrifying war crimes that you see unfolding every day and night against men, donne e bambini, that the Biden administration continues to buy this thug’s oil.

Especially when we have so many resources here at home,” hannity added.

Attualmente gestisce la sua condizione con i farmaci e ha deciso di cambiare il suo stile di vita: AGGIORNAMENTI IN DIRETTA

Russia is selling billions of dollars in energy daily to the United States and Western European NATO countries, Hannity reported. Gli Stati Uniti. is thusenablingPutin to fund his war on Ukraine, while at the same time sending billions to Ukraine in its defense.

Can it get any more insane than that?” chiese.

As the Biden administration nears an agreement on the Iran nuclear deal, it may buy oil from the Iranians.

“Sai, the same people [chi] chant ‘Death to America,’ ‘Death to Israel,’ threaten to blow Israel off the map, threaten to blow America off the map,” Ha detto Hannity.