Hannity: ‘Not a single thing’ Biden administration can claim as a success

As inflation rises, the economy stalls, the border spiraling way out of control in the middle of a pandemic and COVID-19 mandates… regulations having no end in sight, Biden’s poll numbers plummeting to the mid-30s and now, yet, another all-time low,” hy het gesê.

There’s not a single thing that Joe Biden and his administration can claim as successful for you the American people,” gaan hy voort. “And now we have a frail and a weak and a cognitive mess and a deeply unpopular president desperately trying to sell his insane Build Back Better New Green Deal socialism that he claims, valslik, won’t cost a single penny.


During his appearance in Kearny, New Jersey, to promote his economic agenda, Hannity pointed out how Biden did not fail to stumble through his speech including the same repeated “ontken” story about Amtrakfor the fifth time.” Intussen, according to fact-checkers, the story is a lie.

“Natuurlik, die Biden-administrasie, they have no problem lying about anything and everything,” hy het gesê. “Remember Mayorkas? Ja, the DHS secretary lying about the border crisis, calling the mass migration… only a seasonal problem.

Hannity also reminded how Press Secretary Jen Psaki circled back with a lie about COVID testing for migrants being unnecessary while dispersing them across the country in the middle of the night. The president himself has not only lied about not leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan but Hannity stressed that he’s also lying about his spending proposal.

“[Hy het gesê] die $ 3.5 trillion price tag actually costs zero dollars,” hy het gesê. “That’s about the biggest lie of all.

Now Democrats have come up with a new idiotic tax schemea levy on unrealized gains,” he went on. “Met ander woorde, phantom money. Money that you might make in the future… But don’t worry, the Biden administration is promising that only the super-wealthy will be affected. This is another lie.

The Washington Post even criticized the president’s tax plan, calling it a possibleunconstitutional mess.Hannity explained that as much as this raises questions, the public shouldn’t expect any coherent answers from mentally-dwindling Joe Biden or his administration.

Joe Biden and his minders on the radical left are either unwilling or unable to do the right thing.

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