'Hannity' on Biden's handling of crises, Brian Laundrie latest

SEAN HANNITY, 폭스 뉴스 호스트: I think I’ll take one of those windmills. No thanks.

괜찮아. 음식물, 감사합니다.

And welcome to HANNITY.

오늘 밤, coming up, a breaking report on the manhunt for Brian Laundrie. Remember him? Human remains were found in a remote area in Florida, as well as Laundrie’s backpack and his notebook. We’ll have the latest details straight ahead. 질문은 ~이야, is he alive tonight?

하지만 먼저, we turn once again to what is the horrific and yes, very preventable disaster known as the Islamic Emirates in Afghanistan.

아나운서: Americans Held Hostage Behind Enemy Lines, 일 67.

HANNITY: Seventy days since Joe promised that he would not abandon Americans, 67 days since he did abandon our fellow citizens, they are still not homeour friends, 가족, thousands of green cardholders, our allies, 가족 구성원들, none of them are safe, none of them are secure. Many reports of people being beaten and murdered.

Back at home, our southern border, that’s never been worsealso preventable. Our economy is in shambles. You look at energy prices, they are now through the roof.

지금, we are begging Russia and OPEC for more oil. Our reliance on foreign oil is back. Our supply chain — 예상대로, 예방할 수있는 — in a state of chaos. Russia and China, they are emboldened like never before and they are on the move.

And despite inheriting three vaccines and the therapeutic known as monoclonal antibody treatments, more people have died from COVID this year under Joe Biden than in 2020 under Donald Trump. 생각해 내다, I’m going to get this under control and you can go celebrate the 4th of July and maybe now you won’t be able to celebrate Christmas.

지금, with a new more lethal delta variant on the way, I don’t know we’ll call it, the Brandon variant, it could get even worse. These variants get worse and worse. More on this in a moment.

그러나, 분명히, tonight, because Joe Biden, the sad truth is that the United States of America, 이 나라, we all love, is now and I wish I never had to report this, it is a precipitous, it is a dangerous state of decline. We do have good news. We can solve this. We can fix this. We can save the American people for example that Joe Biden abandoned in Afghanistan.

We can permanently reinstate Donald Trump’s state of Mexico policy, other Trump border policies like resuming construction of the southern border wall, and we can go back to energy independence, finish the Keystone pipeline. We can drill for oil, gas in Texas, 오클라호마, 알래스카, 노스 다코타, instead of begging OPEC, and getting energy from Russia. The bad news is, sadly, none of this is going to happen with Joe Biden and the radical New Green Deal socialists in power. 모르겠어요, 아마도, we could just call them President Carter II or President Brandon if you like.

He caused each and every one of these crisis. 모두 예방 가능했습니다, 그리고 날마다, his administration’s policies and proposals are only making everything worse. 그리고 슬프게도, it’s not even clear that Biden even really knows what’s going on.

And today during what was another typical rambling bizarre speech, this one in Scranton, 펜실베니아, 잘, 다시 한번, 바이든, the cognitive mess that he is, his cognitive decline more obvious than ever. You decide.

(비디오 클립 시작)

조 바이든, 미국 대통령: Scranton is where I played shortstop with the Green Ridge Little League in the first year that it was put up. My dad helped build the field down there. And spent a lot of time at Simmey’s, buying penny candy, and Hanks Hoagies on Woodlawn Street, watching movies at theRoosie”.

I was the only kid in myin my year that I was able to walk across theLackyon that pipe that was just above the thing.

My dad had moved from Wilmington, 델라웨어, to Scranton when he was a senior in higha junior in high school. He went — 그때, it was called St. 도마 — not the prep, but it was called St. Thomas in those days.

At St. Paul’s, 알 잖아, 나는 — my nickname wasBlackbird.

And I wasn’t very big, 그러나 — you could beat me, but I’d hurt you.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: God save this country. Did you understand that? Joey was supposed to be selling his Build Back Better/New Green Deal social spending bill. 분명히, he got a little sidetracked as usual.

And since Joe is not able to articulate the details of this massive spending bill we will for him build back/new green deals socialism better will wreck the economy for decades to come. It has nothing to do with real infrastructure like roads and bridges and tunnels. 대신, it will raise taxes on everyone in spite of what they’re telling you, especially people making under fifty thousand dollars a year. They are already being disproportionately impacted by Biden’s horrific energy and economic policies. This Build Back Better/New Green Deal socialism would allow the IRS to spy on your bank account, it’ll add trillions to our debt and deficit, as they continue to lie to us and tell us it won’t cost us a penny.

It will wreck and destroy or oil and gas and energy industries. It will waste billions and billions of dollars on New Green Deals socialist projects, probably worse than Solyndra. It will fund their cradle to grave, womb to the tomb socialist entitlement tofor people to choose not to work. That’s not going to work out well.

통과하면, this New Green Deal/Build Back Better madness will cause inflation to continue to skyrocket at a time when inflation is already out of control, near a 30-year high. 내말은, that’sthat’s where we are today, median income households are now spending it on average an extra dollars a month on just food and fuel and housing. That’s two thousand one hundred dollars a year in a Biden inflation tax.

Have you been in the grocery store lately? 잘, twelve pack of Pepsi is nearly doubled. The cost of Pringles, you like potato chips, they’re up. You like milk for your kids. That’s up. The cost of chicken, beef is up. Proctor and Gamble announcing even more price increases for a whole range of products, from toothpaste to laundry detergent, paper towels, diapers, toilet paper, if you can find it.

The prices are going up and P&G expects to spend an extra $ 2.1 billion on transportation so they can even get their products to market. And as we predicted, those costs, 그들 모두, every penny will be passed on to you, 미국 사람들, you the consumer. That is if you can even find what you need in stock.

There are empty shelves now all across the country. We have stores now rationing products, like paper towels and toilet paper. I don’t know whywhy is there the mad dash for toilet paper?

But according to Ron Klain, these are what he calls high class problems. “워싱턴 포스트” that wants us to stop complaining and to lower our expectations that when we go to a store, we’ll be able to get what we want. Gee, we have such a high bar we’re asking for here.

A top Biden advisor is telling all of us, we need to make sacrifices. We meet may need to acceptthat we may not be able to get the jacket that we want in colors that we want, but we’ll get a jacket. 젠 프 사키, he is calling it the tragedy, oh your treadmill didn’t arrive on time. Instead of looking for solutions to the many serious crisis, all of them have caused the Biden administration, their defenders, they’d rather lie and mock the very real concerns of millions of Americans, the people they have hurt the most, middle class Americans and those Americans that are poor and struggling already.

They can’t afford the high cost of everything going up. They can’t afford to pay more to heat and cool their homes and fill their gas tanks.

Joe Biden caused all of it. All of it can be prevented and all of it can be stopped tomorrow, just go back to the Trump policies that worked. 구경하다.

(비디오 클립 시작)

REPORTER: Do you believe that right now there is a crisis at the border?

ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS, DHS SECRETARY: I think that thethe answer is no.

젠 프 사키, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: As individuals come across the border and they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms, if they have symptoms, 그들은 — the intention is for them to be quarantined. That is our process. They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.

PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to Florida and New York in the middle of the night?

PSAKI: 잘, I’m not sure that’s in the middle of the night, but let me tell you what’s happening here. It is our

DOOCY: Two-thirty a.m., 4:29 오전, very early in the morning.

PSAKI: 잘 — here we are

BIDEN: And best of all, the cost of these bills in terms of adding to the deficit is zero, 영, 영.

PETE BUTTIGIEG: 잘, I think there’s always been two kinds of Christmas shoppers there’s the ones who have all their list completed by Halloween, and then there’s people like me who show up at the mall on Christmas Eve. If you’re in that ladder bucket, 명백하게, there’s going to be more challenges.

REPORTER: People couldn’t get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time, not to mention all sorts of other things. So why is

PSAKI: The tragedy of the short the treadmill that’s delayed.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: Oh really, that’s supposed to be funny. Maybe somebody wants a treadmill. By the way, $ 3.5 trillion will cost zero, 영, 영. Joe says, 괜찮아, 그리고 그것들 2:00 오전. 과 4:00 오전. 항공편, they’re not middle of the night that when they’re flying illegal immigrants into states and cities without telling anybody, 아니, that would be an early morning flight. You see what they’re saying?

Under the Biden administration, you need to accept that our lives will be worse and you need to stop complaining. We all need to stop complaining. We all need to get in line.

It’s really not that different. 생각해 내다, 지미 카터, some of you may not remember told us, 오, lower your thermostat and put on a sweater, and make modest sacrifices and start living thriftily because the energy crisis would never get better. That’s what he told us, you might remember this.

(비디오 클립 시작)

JIMMY CARTER, FORMER PRESIDENT: We must face the fact that the energy shortage is permanent. There is no way we can solve it quickly. But if we all cooperate and make modest sacrifices, if we learn to live thriftily and remember the importance of helping our neighbors, then we can find ways to adjust and to make our society more efficient and our own lives more enjoyable and productive. Simply by keeping our thermostats for instance at 65 degrees in the daytime and 55 degrees at night, we could save half the current shortage of natural gas.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: 네, the tragedy of the treadmill and you should shop for your Christmas presents in October if you have any hope of your kids being happy with Santa this year. The more things change, the more they stay the same. 지금, a labor shortage is driving many of our supply chain woes and that’s only going to get worse. 왜? Joe’s vaccine mandate.

We’ve talked about this. This is no longer a discussion about the vax or not to vax. We have discussed that over and over again.

You know my positiontake it seriously, learn, 연구, ask, serious questions, look at your own health condition, get your unique medical history, talk to your doctor, 의사들. I believe in the science. I believe in the science of vaccination. I’m not your doctor, I’m not telling anybody what to do.

I’ve encouraged you all to take it seriously. I’ve seen the worst of it. I’ve encouraged all my viewers: consult with your doctor and then choose the best course of action.

But I also believe in freedom and liberty. I also believe in medical privacy and I also believe in patient clientdoctor-patient confidentiality. I’ve encouraged all of you to get informed so you can ask great questions of your doctors about what if you have a breakthrough case, so you didn’t get the vaccine and you got a positive COVID test, what do you do next?

First question I would ask my doctor is, what do you know about monoclonal antibodies? 괜찮아, he might tell you about Regeneron, and the infusion and how critical it is to get it as early as possible.

But I’m not a medical professional. I’m not going to give you medical advice, nor should any of these people with their one-size-fits-all medicine either.

이 지점에서, 꽤 많이, everyone in this country has made up their minds about the vaccine. I don’t think many mines are going to be changed at this point. The debate for many people is over. Millions of Americans, they’re now actually willing and ready to give up their jobs, their salaries, their pensions, their careers, because they don’t agree with the mandate. It’s happening already.

The Chicago policetheir police force could be down a thousand officers and we know about the violence in Chicago. We may lose thousands if not tens of thousands of military personnel. They may quit or face hefty fines that they’re not going to be able to pay.

Teachers are not going to get it and we’re going to have a shortage of teachers and cops and military and firefighters and first responders and all those nurses and health care workers that went into work in the middle of the worst of COVID and risked their lives to save other people’s lives, many that got COVID themselves. They dove on one COVID grenade you know a minute after another. They worked in a covered Petri dish. Now we’re going to fire them? 알 잖아, longer response times for 9/11, that would be a result. Rising crime, that would be a result. Waiting, health care shortages, that would be a reality.

지금, ask yourself if that really is making America a better or safer place. 당연히 아니지.

Instead of vilifying half of America and making the labor shortage worse, the Biden administration maybe should be focused on educating the country. If you have a breakthrough case, what do you ask your doctor? Ask about monoclonal antibodies for example. That’s one.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine and the UNC School of Medicine, monoclonal antibodies are effective in disrupting the progression of COVID-19 and reduce death. Joey only mentioned them one time, maybe he should talk about it more. Then he rationed it because Governor DeSantis set up these monoclonal antibody centers all throughout the state of Florida once the delta variant started showing all these breakthrough cases.

The Biden administration almost never mentions this treatment. How about an option if people are that against the vaccination why not test them every day and employees accommodate them and respect the fact that they might have a different point of view? 알 잖아, they would rather demonize Americans over this?

For Democrats, everything’s political. One-size-fits-all, all of us will pay a price and this will impact our economy.

Look at this Fox News poll, 거의 60 percent of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy already. They disapprove of his policies on immigration and border security and foreign policy and taxes.

Here now with the latest is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. I would hate that nurses on the front lines in COVID military men and women that put their lives on the line every day I don’t know what their reasons are but it seems like they made up their mind and they’re not going to change.

지금, instead of firing them, where’s the option so they can save their jobs, save their pensions, and still work in a safe environment?

대표. 케빈 매카시 (R-CA): 션, one year ago they were the heroes of America. And today, they want to give them pink slips. Why don’t we allow them to test?

I was just at a conference just weekend where I had a home kit, I FaceTimed in with the doctor where they’re looking at the test. 에 15 의사록, even though I’m already vaccinated, could tell I was safe.

And a number of these people had had COVID.

So why don’t we help these people that were heroes a year ago and why don’t we help America get through a very tough time?

You talked about it. It seems like it’s 1979 다시. Americans are held hostage in the Middle East. OPEC, we’re begging to produce more oil. We had Billy Carter, now we have Hunter Biden. We have inflation.

We have a president that is not giving the leadership about moving forward. And we now have a White House that tells us to lower our expectations.

What we really need is that fundamental man like Ronald Reagan that said no pastels, fly the bold colors and go to that shiny city on the hill, because there’s nothing in America that we cannot solve.

We have the ingenuity, we proved it with the three vaccines and we can continue to lead instead of these burdensome policies that are putting us in this (ph).

We don’t have to be where we are today. We can’t have Christmas. We can’t stop inflation. We can’t stay at work. But Biden’s disastrous position is taking us here.

And the bill that’s going forward, it’s not just the spending, it’s the substance. And they continue to lie to us, 션. When they said they fixed it and took it from six hundred dollars about people being spied on to ten thousand, let me put that in perspective, if you make twenty eight dollars a day, or you spend twenty eight dollars a day, you are still the target, which is the majority of America.

He wants to hire 85,000 IRS agents. That’s a larger population than Scranton, 펜실베니아, of his hometown.

HANNITY: 알 잖아, we can follow Ron DeSantismodel with monoclonal antibodies. That seemed to work very well in Florida. We can solve that problem.

We can get control of the border. Just go back to the Trump policies that worked. The same with energy, we could become energy independent again. Instead of asking OPEC and Russia, we can ask Texas and Oklahoma, North Dakota and Alaska.

That would help the economy dramatically, that one move. And while it won’t be easy, I would be in favor of going back and rescuing our fellow Americans that he abandoned what 60 — 뭐, six days ago in Afghanistan.

맥카시: 션, I’m working today to bring Americans home. I know of Americans that are sitting on the line right now that try to get across. And time and again, you know what my biggest obstacle is, the State Department, 미국. 국무부.

And it’s not just Americans we’re trying to get through, we have people from the U.K., people from Francethose allies who were there not because they were attacked 20 여러 해 전에, but because America was attacked. And that’s what this president did left us behind.

And remember, if we allow America which we can be energy independent, we’re also helping the environment, because American natural gas is 42 percent cleaner than Russia, but he allows a Russian pipeline to go forward.

HANNITY: We don’t need any energy from anybody.

맥카시: We don’t.

HANNITY: It’s nuts. 괜찮아.

맥카시: Why don’t we want to control our own destiny?

HANNITY: Great question. Create jobs in America.

Instead of making Putin and the Middle East rich, let’s make America rich again.

괜찮아. 감사합니다, 케빈 매카시.

Joining us now with more, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

평의원, I’ll let you jump right into this discussion.

All of these problems that we’re discussing here are preventable and they’re all about to get worse because if we fire the health care workers and the cops and the firemen and the other medical workers in our military, I hate to think what that impact will be on the economy.

이것의. 존 케네디 (R-LA): 션, 이것은 확실히 러닝머신 이상에 관한 것입니다.. 맥박이 있고 더 나은 삶에 대한 한계 욕구가 있다면, you know that President Biden is in trouble and therefore America’s in trouble. Measure it any way you want, the debacle in Afghanistan, which has emboldened Russia and China and Iran, the unbridled inflation, gas prices, open borders, 범죄, a Justice Department that thinks parents are dangerous domestic terrorists, a Treasury Department that wants access to the checking account of every American who has a jobno wonder the American people are so angry.

그곳에 — it’s no wonder that so many Americans think that this administration doesn’t care about them or their lives or their future.

지금, I say this with respect, with all the respect I can muster. But my advice to the president is this — 씨. 대통령, you’ve just got to try harder not to suck. And the best way to do that in my opinion is stop worrying so much about the wokers. You’re never going to make them happy. They hyperventilate on their yoga mats at the slightest provocation. You’re never going to make them happy.

Stop worrying about the wokers and start worrying about America’s workers, and I’m talking about the people who get up every day and go to work and obey the law and pay their taxes and try to do the right thing by their kids. They made America great.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things and we’re not going to get this country back on track, and the president’s not going to be more popular with the American people until he stops worrying about workers and starts worrying about workers. And that’s to me is what it’s all about.

HANNITY: You know something, I don’t think he’s capable of it, 평의원. I’m not even sure if he knows what day of the week it is, and I don’t say that flippantly. I say it with sadness, and I think he agrees with the workers.

We have a minute left.

케네디: 잘, then what the president’s going to have to doI don’t know if that’s accurate or not, I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m not saying it’s right.

The president then is going to have to replace some of the people around him who seem to be obsessed with trying to make the left of Lenin, neo socialist Bolsheviks happy.

HANNITY: 하지만 기다려, 내말은, 평의원, 평의원, he signed the Bernie-Biden manifesto, didn’t he?

케네디: 오, I’m notI’m not excusing the president. He’s ultimately responsible.

But Senator Sanders, 버니 샌더스 상원의원, he tested negative for president. 내말은, the American people didn’t elect him. They elected Joe Biden.

And Joe Biden basically said, 보기, I will govern from the middle. I’ll be the second coming of Barack Obama, maybe a little left of middle.

대신, he’s been the second cousin of Bernie Sanders, and his entire administration is owned lock, stock and barrel by the wokers. And they’re not America.

HANNITY: Senator Kennedy, always great to have you, 경. 감사합니다.

When we come back, straight ahead, polls in Virginia dead even. 와, the blue state of Virginia, can it go red? 잘, two weeks from this past Tuesday, we’ll find out.

We’ll be joined by Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. That’s coming up, Youngkin is coming up next.

And when we return, we’ll also check in. We have a big update in the search for Brian Laundrie, and Don Jr., straight ahead as we continue.


HANNITY: We have breaking developments tonight in the search for Brian Laundrie, as authorities now have uncovered his belongings and found partial human remains in a Florida reserve.

Here with the very latest, our own Laura Ingle.

로라, big news tonight.

LAURA INGLE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: 네, good evening. And there is no word on the confirmation of who these possible human remains belong to or when we might find that out, 션. But the FBI was able to give us a significant update today and we’ll go through it for you now.

They announced that investigators have found what they believe to be human remains in the Carlton Reserve. That is where they have been searching for weeks for Brian Laundrie, and for the first time, they called him a person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito. We haven’t heard that language from the FBI before.

Petito’s calls and text messages to her family stopped in late August while she was on a cross-country road trip with Laundrie in her van. Her body was discovered September 19th in Wyoming. The coroner ruling her death a homicide by strangulation.

A FOX News digital catching Chris and Roberta Laundrie near the reserve earlier today talking with a search team member where they were told something had been found and soon after cadaver dogs and coroner’s vans arrived to the 25,000-acre nature preserve where the Laundries had told police their son had gone for a hike September 13th.

No comment tonight from the Gabby Petito family. They told me two weeks ago that they were hoping that Brian Laundrie would be found alive, saying that he is the key to the answers of what happened in Wyoming. 그래서, if these remains do turn out to be Brian Laundrie, this is not the outcome that Gabby’s family had hoped for — 션.

HANNITY: 괜찮아. 로라, thank you very much for that report. We’ll continue to monitor this story throughout the night.

또한, big breaking news out of Virginia, a Monmouth poll now showing the gubernatorial race between Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe is now dead even 46-46. 테리 직물, he’s feeling the pressure, storming out of an interview with a local reporter, 10 minutes earlier, saying you need to ask better questions. 구경하다.

(비디오 클립 시작)


괜찮아. We’re over. 그게 다야. 그게 다야. I gave you extra time, 어서, 남자. You should ask better questions early on. You shouldn’t ask questions your viewers care about.

신원 미상의 남성: 잘, we did.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: You should have asked better questions. 오, 괜찮아.

지금, 민주당, they’re pulling out all those stops. They’re trying to save McAuliffe, including bringing in Kamala Harris. Not sure how much good that does, who is under fire herself for a video urging churchgoers to get out and vote, which it appears may have actually violated IRS rules. 물론이야, if you’re a Democrat, you get a pass. If you’re a Republican, you get 10 수감 기간.

And as Glenn Youngkin put it, Terry McAuliffe is clearly losing, totally unraveling, and don’t forget, McAuliffe has made it very clear he does not want parents involved in their kids’ 교육, and wants to set the stage for more far-left indoctrination.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to Terry himself.

(비디오 클립 시작)

MCAULIFFE: I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach — 알 잖아, I get really tired of everybody running down teachers.

(비디오 클립 종료)

HANNITY: Dead-even race and it’s all coming down to turnout and who gets their voters to the polls, November the 2nd. Can deep blue Virginia, a deep blue state really turn red?

Here to make that case, he’s now tied tonight, Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is with us.

명백하게, this is a real race now. 명백하게, he’s nervous.

You have distinguished yourself, you believe teachers actually parents should have input in their kids school. I would tend to agree with you. You said you’d eliminate CRT on day one.

What are the major differences in your campaign?

글렌 영킨 (아르 자형), VIRGINIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: 잘, 션, thank you for having me tonight. And the reason why Terry McAuliffe doesn’t want to talk to that reporter anymore is because the reporter was asking him questions about schools and crime. And Terry doesn’t think that voters want to want to hear about schools and crime.

잘, 지난 밤, we had an event in Fairfax County, we had a thousand people show up. A thousand people know the difference between what I’m going to do for Virginians is get our schools reestablished with standards of excellence, where parents have a fundamental right to be engaged in their children’s education. Terry McAuliffe wants government between parents and their children.

I’m going to cut taxes and Terry McAuliffe wants to raise taxes. I’m standing strong for law enforcement, and Terry McAuliffe is running around with politicians who want to defund police and close prisons. 과, 오, 그런데, I’m going to get our job machine cranked back up.

And when Terry McAuliffe was governor, 40 percent of his economic projects failed to create a single job.

On the ballot right now in November is the future of Virginia and, 션, it’s the future of America because Virginia gets to stand up and vote over the course of the next 13 days and make a statement for a state that — 네, a state that’s been blue that’s getting ready to elect a Republican governor and charge forward with a new, new day in Virginia.

HANNITY: The county of Loudon, 라우던 카운티, has become a central point in this campaign. Serious allegation of a rape and a bathroom of a young woman confirmed investigation — 다시, nothing’s proven yet, but a confirmed investigation by law enforcement. But then the student was apparently transferred to another school. 지금, there’s another allegation of another assault.

And my question is pending the results of that investigation, why was that student still allowed in any school and how did the board of superthe superintendent say that he knew nothing about it when the police knew all about it?

영킨: 네, this is something that I called for last night, an investigation of the Loudoun County School Board. The FBI should leave Virginia’s parents alone and focus on what’s happening in Loudoun County Schools. 내말은, we absolutely had a perpetrator and offender who was being investigated and prosecuted for sexual assault, and they tried to hide him in another school, and he did it again.

내말은, the school boardand oh by the way, the school administrators are guilty of gross negligence, and they should be held accountable. People should be fired, people should lose their jobs or resign, and that’s why I called for a full investigation.

과, 오, 그런데, if Virginia’s current Attorney General Mark Herring who’s out campaigning a divisive campaign isn’t willing to do it, just wait until January 15th when we show up, and Jason Miyares, who will be our next attorney general and I and Winsome Sears, we’re going to have a full investigation. We’re going to find out what happened.

Virginia parents deserve this. Our schools aren’t safe. Our schools are teaching our kids what to think as opposed to how to think.

We’re going to go to work on day one and re-establish excellence in schools, but on top of that, 안전.

HANNITY: We appreciate you being with us, 글렌 영킨. If you win this race, it will be a political earthquake that will be heard all around the country and you’re dead even. We wish you luck. We’re going to follow this very closely. Thanks for being with us.

괜찮아. Coming up, 도널드 트럼프 주니어. joins us with reaction to Biden’s plummeting poll numbers, 오, and President Trump, we just found out, a big announcement we will share with you.

And we’ve also obtained exclusive video of illegal immigrants arriving in New York in the middle of the night or as Jen Psaki likes to tell it an early morning flight at 2:00 오전. 또는 4:00 오전. Miranda Devine will react and she has now breaking news about Hunter Biden you don’t want to miss.

That’s all straight ahead. Busy news night on HANNITY.


HANNITY: 지금, amid Biden’s mounting failures, cratering approval, now down as low as 37 퍼센트, not many Republicans even in that poll. His abandonment of Americans in Afghanistan, the border, the energy policy disaster, the economy in a freefall, more dead people from COVID this year than last year in America, it’s so sad, and all preventable.

Just take a look, 그런데, at this new poll. Quinnipiac showing Donald Trump a higher favorability than Biden. Biden’s overall approval in Quinnipiac is a dismal 37 퍼센트. And according to new findings from the well-respected Selzer polling group, there has been a massive shift among independents. 에 2020 exit polling, Biden won independent voters by a 54-41 percent margin.

The election were held today, our poll shows that former President Trump would win that group to 45-28.

And meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to stand strong amid the Democrats phony January 6th inquiry or it’s already a predetermined outcome. 알 잖아, they kicked off Jim Jordan and Jim Bank. Why because they might ask real questions.

And we know where Liz Cheney stands on all things Trump. 그런데, that is more about fueling lies about the former president, even suggesting that he was responsible for organizing that madness. 아니, 그건 사실이 아니야. There’s never been any evidence that points in that direction.

Donald Trump is now suing to stop the release of records related to this freethey already have their conclusion, foregone conclusion, 일월 6 위원회. There is a battle over executive privilege now pending.

Joining us now, 도널드 트럼프 주니어.

I want to stop with this big news, looking at justthenews.com. Our friend, John Solomon, editor-in-chief.

Trump announces formation of owned media company social platform to counter censorship, to give a voice to all. And what can you tell us about it?

잘, 션, it’s a big deal. 알 잖아, for so long, big tech has suppressed conservative voices. If you’re pro-Second Amendment, if you’re pro-life, if you’re a religious, if you’re just a conservative, you have been in Facebook jail. You have been de-platformed, you have been demonetized.

What we’re trying to do is create a big tent, an open and free network for people to be able to communicate, to exercise your First Amendment rights. 그래서, tonight, my father signed a definitive merger agreement to form what will ultimately be the Trump media and technology group and Truth Social, a platform for everyone to express their feelings.

Big tech and all of those on the left for so long, 션, have been saying – – 잘, if you don’t like the rules that we really enforce only one way on our platforms, go create your own. And so we did just that. So that’s going to launch very soon. We’re going to be in beta testing in the next few weeks, full launch first quarter of `22. It’s going to be exciting, and we’re looking to give a voice back to the American people.

You saw what they did to the president of the United States. We want to make sure that Americans have a voice. No political discrimination. We’re going to cancel “문화를 취소하다”. We’re going to stand up and push back against the tyranny of big tech.

I think America has been waiting for this. We’ve been working on it for a while. We’ve kept it under wraps. 그러나 지금, we are in process to get that going to return our voice back to those who need it and who want it.

Conservatives everywhere and frankly people everywhere, because we want a discourse amongst everyone. Not a one-sided platform where if someone on the left disagrees with you, they just cancel you and wipe you out. So go to truthsocial.com, sign up. We’ll get you involved on the beta testing when that launches in a few weeks, and then we’re going to launch it fully in `22. It’s going to be awesome.

HANNITY: I’m looking forward to it and you know what? 놀랍다, because they — 알 잖아, the most extreme ayatollahs or mullahs, they have a platform on Twitter, your father’s canceled.

Let meeverything that we were talking about earlier with Kevin McCarthy and with Senator Kennedy. 아프가니스탄, 예방할 수있는. The border, 예방할 수있는. Energy independence, we had it. 조, gave it up. He’s now begging OPEC.

The economy, the supply chain disaster, more people dead in this country from COVID this year than last year, I don’t see any more of those COVID counts on fake news CNN or MSDNC, Don Jr.

TRUMP JR.: 네. 아니, 100 퍼센트, because our news has been so biased for so long, our social media platforms have been so biased for so long, as long as they’re able to further their narrative, they will talk about it.

The second the truth gets in the way of their narrative, all of a sudden, it magically disappears. It’s blacklisted. You won’t see it anywhere. That was a big part of why we wanted to create Truth Social. We want to make sure that these things get out there.

You see it with big tech. You see it in the search engines. You look on the major topic and all you see is the CNN, MSNBC, yada, yada, yada. The leftist narrative, all the way down.

You can never get to the other side of the story, and so, we want to make sure that the other side of the story is finally heard.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this, 질문 —

TRUMP JR.: You’ve listed, 션, all of the disasters of this administration and there’s so many more. There’s not a single success that anyone could point to unless you’re perhaps in China in which case they’re loving Joe Biden because he’s doing a phenomenal job for the Chinese and their ambitions to take over the world.

HANNITY: If you live in Russia, you’re probably pretty happy too because Joe’s policies are making Putin and Russia rich again.

Interesting, Hunter made money from Russia and China and Kazakhstan and Ukraine, 물론이야. And if the last name were Trump, I think it’d be a different story.

괜찮아. So the launch is in first quarter 2022, people can go to what website to sign up?

TRUMP JR.: 네, go to truthsocial.com. You could sign up there and in a couple of weeks you’re going to actually can be part of the beta testing of the site, and then you’re going to have the full launch in early 2022, and we’re finally going to push back against the tyranny of big tech.

HANNITY: 괜찮아. Looking forward to it. That is a big announcement. Don Jr., thanks so much.

When we come back, we have obtained exclusive video of illegal immigrants in the oh if, you’re Jen Psaki in the early morning at 2:00 과 4:00 오전. at airports in New York being dropped off. No notice to anybody. We’ve got the tape. And Miranda Devine has an exclusive as it relates to zero experience Hunter Biden. We’ll share that next.


HANNITY: And tonight, we have more developments on Biden’s secret flights full of illegal immigrants in the dead of night from the southern border to states like New York and Florida. 지금, we showed you photos earlier this week from “뉴욕 포스트”. These flights landing in Westchester in New York, in the early morning hours, or as Jen Psaki says, it’s not ait’s not late in the night. It’s early morning, which comes as border arrests have hit their highest level since 1986.

Miranda Devine has even more exclusive details. She was there with the photojournalist the night one of those videos was shot. She joins us live and she has other news as well.

그래서, I love how they say, it was just an early morning flight. 이것의 2:00 오전. 또는 4:00 오전. an early morning flight, 이것의 — 보기, I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life.

미란다는, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: 잘, 내말은, it was really farcical, but also typical of the Biden administration and the White House press office frankly. They obfuscate and obstruct and just never tell you anything. They are so opaque.

I got the runaround during the week when we were trying to find out more information about these flights. 내말은, I think the American people deserve to know where these migrants are being dispersed to all around the country. 그리고 당신은 알고 있습니다, at White Plains Airport, we managed to watch two of them come in and then we watchedthe beginning of another one which stopped in Jacksonville, 플로리다, before it went on to White Plains.

그러나, 알 잖아, 있다 — there are just hundreds of these flights are occurring all around the country every week andthere’s no way that we can really track them all without some transparency from the organization.

HANNITY: 미란다, we know they got preferential treatment, no COVID testing because, 인용문, they’re not going to be here very long, the Jen Psaki lie, and there’s nono testing and no vaccine mandate.

Let me move on. You have a big

DEVINE: 잘, they say they are testing them, 네.

HANNITY: 잘, they say they are. 괜찮아, 당신은 무엇을 알고, that contradicts what they said earlier and there’s no evidence that that’s happened at all.


HANNITY: We see if they look sick or have a temperature, that’s not testing.

Let me move on, you have a story in tomorrow’s “뉴욕 포스트” that I want to give our viewers a preview of, a connection between the laptop from hell and hunter, and a Russian oligarch, whose Manhattan townhouse was raided this past Tuesday. What can you tell us?

DEVINE: 잘, it’ll be in it’s actually online now and it’ll be in “뉴욕 포스트” tomorrow. And look, I just saw that there was this Russian oligarch washis town house in Manhattan and also another mansion that he has in Washington, D.C. were raided by the FBI on Tuesday. And I thought I would just search the laptop for his name and bingo there it came Hunter Biden trying to sell $ 25,000 his knowledge intelligence about this Russian oligarch, who’s allegedly quite odious if you look at the Treasury Department’s press release from 2011, when it sanctioned him.

Quite, quite a scary sort of individual, but Hunter Biden apparently knew enough about him to want to sell intelligence about his, 인용문, elite network to Alcoa, the giant aluminum company. I don’t think he got the money because one of the Alcoa quite smart government relations people in another email said because one of the smart government relations people, in another email said she didn’t think that that wasthe information Hunter was offering was worth what he was initially asking for, $ 55,000.

HANNITY: Imagine if the last name were Trump, 미란다, I think we know what the answer would be.

지금, your book, “The Laptop from Hellwith even more details and some of them salacious, will be coming out when?

DEVINE: It’s coming out November 30th. And I think there’s a lot about the Russian oligarchs that Hunter Biden is involved with, and who were very close to Putin, 과, 알 잖아, no one knows about that.

HANNITY: 괜찮아. And I get my manuscript when? 곧?

DEVINE: 곧. 곧, 션. All good things come to those who wait.

HANNITY: 괜찮아. 감사합니다, 미란다 디바인.

More HANNITY right after this.


HANNITY: 괜찮아. That is all the time we have left this evening. As always, we thank you for being with us. You make this show possible. And we never forget it.

Please set your DVR, never miss an episode.

지금, we’re going to go to Laura Ingraham a little early. Let not your heart be troubled. Laura Ingraham standing by.

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