Hannity on MLB All-Star game switch-up: Bad business, worse politics

SEAN HANNITY: Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, Major League Baseball, Delta, Coca-Colathey all lied about Georgia’s election laws and that has now cost the people of Georgia almost $ 100 million in revenue. Every person in Georgia should be furious with Biden, Abrams, Major League Baseball and, francamente, quasi 200 spineless corporations for amplifying these lies. Joe Biden played the race card – it’s plain and simple – innocent people have now suffered…

Joe Biden needs to apologize to the people of Georgia, to the Georgia legislature. He needs to take responsibility for his actions and, francamente, his lack of applying the same standards all across the board because what he is doing is absolutely disgusting and completely dishonest. Why hasn’t anyone in the media mob… asked him to apologize? He is straight-up lying, completely disregarding the facts

This law in Georgia does not limit early voting, it actually expands it. It does not reduce voting hours, it actually gives voters more flexibility to decide when they want to vote. They even add a Saturday to voting… Quindi no, Joe, there is nothing in this law that resembles Jim Crow 2.0. You should be ashamed of yourself for hurting innocent states and innocent people, playing the race card and using that kind of language.


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