'Hannity' panel blasts Biden Administration pushing Facebook to censor content

케일리 매시니: 나는 백악관 기자 브리핑에서 내가 문제 삼는 것들을 많이 듣는다. (또는 나는 그것이 속임수인지 아닌지 알고 있습니다.) like saying Republicans want to defund the police, but I literally almost fell out of my chair when I heard an admission from the podium that they are working with social media companies to censor. This is the crux, 제이슨, of the lawsuit put forward by President Trump (that class action lawsuit). He says social media is colluding with the government and thus becoming state actors and trampling on the First Amendment. People said “오 안돼, that’s crazy. 트럼프 대통령, that’s crazy.It was admitted from the podium and then doubled down on today

Fox News 기고자 조 쉘 also weighed in, saying that the White House iscolluding” 와 페이스 북.

조 콘차: I like the wordcolludinghere because it fits. If the White House is colluding with Facebook on what is right and wrong speech (per their definitions) then every news item deemed negative to the administration can also ultimately be censored or suppressed outside of COVID. You saw Jen Psaki before. She said the administration is simply working with Facebook to combat “오보.” But who gets to define what misinformation is? The White House? One has to believe, 제이슨, that Facebook is not biased in serving at the pleasure of the Democratic Party. 물론이야, 그것은, 그리고 물론, Facebook is acting in good faith (you have to believe that). It doesn’t.

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller also joined the “Hannity” panel and accusing the federal government ofcreeping authoritarianism.

스티븐 밀러: Whether you’re talking about this or whether you are talking about what’s happening on the border or DACA, it’s about the U.S. Constitution being thrown out the window. The other two guests had it exactly right, Joe and Kayleigh. This is state censorship. Creeping authoritarianism from the Left has now reached a full gallop. 분명히, Jen Psaki did not understand the lesson from 1984 언제, presumably, she read it when she was in high school. It was not intended as a governing blueprint. It was intended as a cautionary tale and to hear her, at the press podium, talk about government censorship as a positive good is truly chilling.

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