Hannity questions whether FAA grounded drones at southern border to 'cover up for Biden's failures'

One day after Fox News Channel aired gripping footage of thousands of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers huddled under the Acuna International Bridge, the FAA issued a temporary flight restriction for the area.

“En el último 24 horas, we start showing images at this bridge and a TFR goes up and we can no longer fly,” Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported.

Hannity dijo Biden and Border Czar Kamala Harris are intentionally ignoring the catastrophe at the border, noting the administration has said little over the past month.

The FAA, he said istrying to prevent FOX’s drone from showing you the American people the truth and capturing images just like this,” él dijo, pointing to video of what has grown to more than 10,000 illegal immigrants in just the past few days.

“En otras palabras, the FAA is being used to cover up for Biden’s failures. And we are going to let that stand? I don’t think so,” dijo Hannity.

In that regard, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News that many of the new migrants have come from Haiti, after the Biden administration canceled deportation flights for several hundred Haitians a few days ago. That cancelation likely spurred those people to call relatives and have them illegally rush the border, Cruz said – as he stood only yards away from the bridge now providing temporary shelter for the migrants.


Hannity added that Biden himself has been having other issues recently, pointing to the fact he referred to Australian Prime Minister asthat fella Down Under– appearing to forget his name during a joint teleconference with the Liberal Party leader and United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom the president addressed moments earlier by his first name.

I think we can see why Vice President Harris frequently conducts all these meetings with foreign leaders instead of Biden. Por supuesto, she does have plenty of time,” Hannity dijo, noting her role as Border Czar has not taken up much of her time.

Mas tarde “El ángulo de Ingraham,” Melugin read a statement from the FAA which said “La Patrulla Fronteriza solicitó la restricción temporal de vuelos debido a que los drones interfieren con los vuelos policiales en la frontera.. Como con cualquier restricción de vuelo temporal, Los medios de comunicación pueden llamar a la FAA para hacer solicitudes para operar en el área.”

Fox News’ Bill Melugin contributed to this report.

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