Hannity rips Biden demanding 'fair share' amid report he may owe IRS $  500K and Hunter's tax evasion probe

진행자는 또한 도버의 민주당원들이 다른 곳에서 도널드 트럼프를 추격한 것처럼 바이든을 철저히 조사할지 여부에 대해서도 언급했습니다..

의 위에 “Hannity“, the host pointed to Biden’s continued condemnation of Border Patrol officers, claiming agents on horseback involved in a now-debunked claim they were whipping migrantswill payfor their purported wrongdoing.

Joe Biden has harsher rhetoric for the American people than he does for the Communist Party of China,” Hannity added, noting Beijing could havecompromising informationon his 51-year-old son R. 헌터 바이든.

Joe Biden now likes to lecture and scold Americans for not peering your fair share in taxes, which is ironic,” 그는 말했다, after Biden publicly admonished American citizens for not payingfair shares”.

I really mean this – and I come from the corporate state of America,” 대통령이 말했다, apparently referencing the fact Delaware and its largest city Wilmington in particular are popular for business incorporation because of their benevolent tax structures and economic policies.

Pay your fair share? OK Joe, how about you and Hunter… start paying your fair share before lecturing us,” Hannity responded.

Keep in mind that Hunter, your son, the guy that used crack who’s probably compromised by Russia and China and Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and Libyahe’s under federal investigation. 왜? International tax evasion and money laundering.

안에 December statement, Hunter Biden acknowledged that Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss advised his lawyers they areinvestigating my tax affairs.

Weiss is notably one of few Trump appointees the Biden administration has held over in that capacity. A source told Fox News at the time that Hunter was flagged in a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) regarding suspicious foreign transactions.

Hannity noted that President Trump continues to be under legal fire from New York Democratic Attorney General Letitia James for his own business affairs, which he alluded are regularly a subject of media scrutiny.

He wondered aloud whether Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings would consider looking into the Biden family as strongly as James is going after the Trumps.

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According to the Congressional Research Service – nonpartisan – Joe, you yourself might owe up to a half million dollars in back taxes,” 그는 말했다. “I wonder if the AG in Delaware is going to go after you like they are doing to Donald Trump in New York for the exact same quote ‘allegation’. “

Hannity added that thefake news mediashould be speculating as heavily about Hunter and Joe Biden’s allegations as they had against Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Or does Joe just get the Presidential Protection Program like he had the Candidate Protection Program because he is a liberal Democrat and he’s not Donald Trump?”

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