Hannity rips Biden for ignoring crises in 'tired, weak and frail' U.N. General Assembly address

Hannity noted Biden mentioned nothing about the dire circumstances inside Afganistán and nothing about the botched pullout that left Americans behind enemy lines. Nor did the president mention the August 29th drone strike in Kabul that resulted in the killing of ten civilians, seven of whom were children.

Joe Biden has allowed this entire country to be humiliated on the world stageafter thatnational embarrassment,” dijo Hannity. “America’s back? No. America is falling apart with one humiliating disaster after another.

Hannity also slammed Biden for ignoring the public health and national security crisis at the frontera sur as thousands of migrants are encamped in a tent city in the Texas border town of Del Rio.

According to Customs and Border Protection, migrant encounters at the border surpassed 1 million for the year and topped 200,000 in the month of July.

Seven months into this crisis Joe Biden is making a solemn promise to get the border under control,” dijo Hannity, pero “border czar Kamala Harris is apparently more interested in vilifying Border Patrol officers who are trying to protect our country amid a complete breakdown of law and order that Biden’s policies caused,” he said referring to the false narrative that Border Patrol agents on horseback used whips against migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the United States.

Hannity concluded by asking how Biden can promise to get the border under control when he has yet to follow through on his other promises.

Just like you promised to stay in Afghanistan until all Americans are out? Just like you promised not to abandon our Afghan allies? Just like you promised to get COVID-19 under control? Just like you promised not to mandate vaccines? Just like you promised to unite the country? Just like you promised that America would be respected on the world stage?” Hannity asked.

Joe Biden is so dishonest and morally corrupt that he makes Bill Clinton look like Honest Abe.

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