Hannity rips Democrats' 'double standard' attacking Sen. Tim Scott with 'racist' rhetoric

ハニティ: のみ 26 million people tuned in to Joe’s address. That’s just over half the audience that President Trump received during his first joint speech in 2017. But the star of the night was not even close to Joe Biden. 代わりに, it was South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. He delivered the Republican response. And instead of vilifying America, Senator Scott, 上手, he used his own incredible, inspiring life story to lift up everybody.

While Senator Scott made it very clear that America is not a racist country, he did talk about and acknowledge the racism that he faces regularly and described it as much of it coming from so-called progressives on the leftRight on cue, far-left Twitter, they responded to Senator Scott with a stream of nasty, 人種差別主義者, despicable comments. The slurUncle Timwas allowed by@Jackto trend on Twitter for a whopping 12 時間. ジャック, you want to explain that to us? The same@Jackthat suspends and then cancels conservative voices all the time.

Over at NBC, the rhetoric was just as bad. Joy Reid attempted to, 上手, basically just smear Scott’s life experience as an African-American senatorThis is the same Joy Reid on NBC News, once referring to Senator Scott as a token in the Republican Party, the same Joy Reid that used a racist slur to describe Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas… どうやら, according to Joy Reid, NBCニュース. I guess it’s perfectly OK to say racist things about African-Americans so long as they’re conservative, 共和党.

The people lecturing America all the time, that America is a racist country filled with racist people, racist institutions, racist police, racist conservatives, the very same people who rushed on to Twitter last night, national TV insulting Senator Tim Scott with vile smears and slander. Senator Scott is a leader in the Republican Party. He has a powerful life story we can all learn from. He has principled values and beliefs. He’s earned his reputation as a US senator, gets things done. Anyone who minimizes Senator Scott on the basis of race is by definition racist, even if they have Democrat beside their name or show on NBC News.