Hannity rips 'Shadow President' Klain for dismissing inflation concerns

Klein, who served as Biden’s vice presidential chief of staff as well as President Obama’s Ebola czar, retweeted a Harvard professor who diagnosed the current inflation spike as ahigh-class problem”.

Su “Hannity,” the host said Klain’s intentional ignorance to the economic plight of working class Americans under Biden is not becoming of a leader:

If you are middle-class or low income in America, you are in trouble, thanks to Joe Biden – He’s the one that gave up the energy independence he inherited,” Ha detto Hannity.

Shadow President and master puppeteer – so kind, so thoughtful and loving – Ron Klain … believes we smelly Walmart shoppers of America, that cling to God, pistole, Bibles, and religion don’t need to worry about inflation,” Egli ha detto.

Biden’s former boss, presidente Obama, famously claimed during a 2008 fundraiser that economically depressed Pennsylvanianscling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like themor anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment, as a way to explain their frustrations.

Hannity said the future only looks bleaker for Americans:

Look at your gas tank, how much does it cost you to fill your tank? Your heating bills were about to jump 54% come “Il giornale di Wall Street” put it, a ‘winter of giant gas bills is coming’.


He noted that former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, a liberal appointed by Obama, has even sounded the alarm about Biden’s inflationary policies.

The host echoed a sentiment from CNBC anchor Joe Kernen, about a Democratic president “perdere” Summers:

It’s really bad and it gets worse,” Ha detto Hannity, finishing Kernen’s thought in his own regard.

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