Hannity scolds MSNBC for 'unethical' coverage of Rittenhouse trial: 'There is no presumption of innocence'

Hannity pointed to a slew of inflammatory headlines from NBC surrounding the case, including one that cast Rittenhouse as a ‘self-appointed militia memberwho apparently ‘just started shooting people up.’


Many lies were told by the media mob,” Hannity는 말했다. “MSDNC’s referred to Kyle Rittenhouse as a White supremacist or vigilante with no evidence whatsoever. Joy Reid was triggered by what she called ‘Kyle’s White male tears– and she works at NBC news.

수요일에, Judge Bruce Schroeder, who is presiding over the trial, scolded the media for itsgrossly irresponsiblecoverage of the proceedings as the jury deliberated for a second day.

몇 시간 후, Kenosha police revealed that they detained an MSNBC freelancer who appeared to be attempting to contact jurors from the trial.

The staffer associated with the liberal network, identified by the judge as James Morrison, was allegedly caught following the jury bus on Wednesday night and told police he wasinstructed” 그렇게 하기 위해.

NBC News told Fox News Digital that the man was indeed a freelance MSNBC employee, but denied that he intended to photograph or contact jurors in the explosive case.

NBC went on to say that they regret the incident…but do they really?” Hannity asked. “At NBC news there is no presumption of innocence. No due process for Kyle Rittenhouse. No rule of law. No equal justice under the law. No equal application of our laws. 사리, 목격자, their accounts, video evidence, none of that matters to NBC,” he charged.

It’s always the same thing. The political narrative is way more important.

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