Hannity shames Mitch McConnell for ‘completely caving’ to Dems’ threats: ‘Where is your backbone?’

“미치 맥코넬, where is your backbone?” 그는 물었다. “Where are your principles?”

McConnell and 10 다른 “약한” 공화당 원, as Hannity described, gave the Democrats a verygenerous giftwith the extension after not budging for nearly two months and promising the American people that the debt ceiling would not be raised.


Hannity explained how Democrats werepanickingin their inability to check the item off their list since their far-left socialist counterparts could not come to terms with a spending agreement.

Instead of forcing the Democrats’ hand, as they said they would, instead of calling their bluff, as they said they would, McConnell completely caved to their threats and he did it at the last minute,” 그는 말했다.

Thanks to McConnell, Hannity credited, the Democrats can take their time working out the $ 3.5 trillion Build Back Bettersocialist spendingbill – a plan that will raise taxes on all Americans and worsen inflationat a record level.

“미치 맥코넬, he played the typical sewer-swamp game of saying one thing, doing another, making a promise and breaking it,” 그는 말했다.

Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren are now mocking the senator, calling out how hecavedinto the left’s agenda.

“이것의. Elizabeth Warren is correct,” 그는 말했다. “Mitch caved.

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Hannity considered Biden’s economic plan adown payment” ...에 대한 $ 10 trillion Green New Deal intentions. 지금, 미국. 경제, once thegreatestwealth creation system, 될거야 “completely upended.

That is what is at stake,” 그는 말했다. “미치 맥코넬, if you’re not willing to fight for basic, small government, simple, conservative principles… keep your promises and protect the country from what we know doesn’t work – socialism… then you need to step aside. We need new leadership. Because clearly, your word is worthless.

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