Hannity shreds Dems on border crisis response, Biden admin 'aiding and abetting' lawbreaking

“Remember, with the left in America today, the New Green Deal socialists, there is no room for freedom of speech, freedom of thought,” he said. “There’s no difference of opinion allowed, no debate allowed. You submit fully and completely to their will, or they will label you a dumb racist. Those are pretty much their rules.”

“And, of course, their policies – we all know they’re doomed to fail. Any time it’s been tried, it has failed.”


Hannity used immigration as an example, citing Joe Biden’s denouncing of former President Trump’s policy on the campaign trail and referring to the border wall as racist. After his election as president, Biden quickly halted all wall construction after encouraging migrants to apply for asylum in 2019, and stopped the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

“The Biden administration has not only ignored the law of the land — his administration is aiding and abetting in the lawbreaking,” he said. “And then transporting, free of charge or basically your tax dollars, illegal immigrants into states all across the country, forcing every state to take on illegal immigrants and the financial burden of food and water and shelter and healthcare and education.”

The last four months have brought a record-level surge of migrants to the border, Hannity pointed out, including tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors. To address the situation, Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as his “special border czar” who refuses to pay the border a visit for herself.

“The situation is dire,” he said. “We hear from people on the ground every day. Our own eyes show us that.”

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