Hannity slams Biden administration over fuel shortage, rising prices: enemies 'are doing backflips'

ハニティ: 大丈夫. Don’t worry. The White House is monitoring the fuel shortages very closely. What the hell does that mean? そして, もちろん, even before the hack, gas prices were already spiking, なぜ? なぜなら, バイデン政権, they killed off, stroke of a pen, [インクルード] Keystone Pipeline. They put new restrictions on fracking, sought to artificially reduce oil and gas supply. Supply, 要求する, criss-cross equals the price. Limited supply, higher prices, all in the name of socialist climate change and the new definition of infrastructure. And now Americans, 君は, the American people, you will pay the price. Gas prices are at a 7 year high and they are climbing fast. And the east coast of the U.S. is likely now more reliant on Russian oil than ever before. プーチン, the mullahs in Iran, let’s see China countries in the Middle East that hate us, they’re doing backflips over all this

彼ら (ロシア, 中国, and Iran) have united to fund a proxy war in Yemen against other countries in the Middle East. How’s that for a pretty frightening and unholy alliance? Now we are the victim of these cyberattacks against the U.S. ねえ, ジョー, 知りません, maybe you can enlist Hunter and he can help out. というのは, he has all these contacts in the Russian government. ええと, like the Russian oligarch, the first lady of Moscow, ええと, that wired three and a half million dollars to his company. Or maybe he can talk to the Chinese Communist Party officials or he is in business with or the Chinese officials that took him and his family on a $ 100,000 international shopping spree for the Biden family or his contacts in the Chinese military. そして, もちろん, the one point five dollars billion deal with the Bank of China.