Hannity slams Biden for hypocrisy at the southern border

We got mask mandates, vaccine mandates, 백신 여권, 사회적 거리두기, new rules popping up everywhere for we, you, the American people at the request of the Biden administration and their apparent supervisors in the CDC and the NIH. The CDC is now saying even if you’re fully vaccinated, you can still get COVID. NIH is advising parents to wear masks inside their own homes. 와,” Hannity는 말했다.

“확인, the Delta variant. 예, it’s very serious they tell us. 나는 동의한다,” 그는 덧붙였다. “But for some reason, their concerns, their mandates magically, 완전히, utterly disappear when it comes to our southern border. As we speak now, a 25-year record number of illegal immigrants are pouring across that border, most unvaccinated, many infected with COVID-19.


“사실로, 20% of migrant children now testing positive for covid and 18 percent of families. That is double the positive positivity rate in the entire US. But the Biden administration just cannot be bothered to find the real solution.

Hannity also declared that many of Biden’s border policies, which he said include not respecting American borders or testing illegal immigrants, 아르 “madness.

This is madness because it’s draconian measures for you, 미국 사람들, no testing for people that are breaking our laws, not respecting our sovereignty or our borders,” 그는 말했다. “I guess this is what America-last policies look like.

Hannity went on to contend that the southern border crisis isthe single largest nationwide superspreader eventin history and criticized the Biden administration for not recognizing the situation as a crisis.

“의심없이, the border crisis is the single largest nationwide superspreader event in the history of the U.S.,” 그는 말했다.

But the COVID warriors and the Biden administration are pretending like none of this is happening,” 그는 덧붙였다. “No crisis at all. I don’t see any crisis here. 더 나쁜, they’re actually encouraging migrants to come by raising the limit on refugees, ending the very successful Trump era stay in Mexico policy, reinstituting the catch and release program under Obama that Donald Trump stopped. 지금, it’s not even catch and release it’s process and release. 사실로, at least fifty thousand illegal immigrants have been dispersed all over the U.S. without so much as a court date.




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