Hannity slams Biden's 'extremely troubling' rhetoric on election laws

If you are one of millions of Americans who disagree with the radical policies put forward by the Democratic Party, watch out, because Joe Biden, bien, he referred his political opponents, today referred to them as ‘domestic enemies,'” Hannity dijo. “Where’s the media that got so upset when Donald Trump said the media is an enemy of the people because they lie and tell fake news. De todas formas, he’s saying they are working to subvert American democracy.

Hannity went on to slam the president’s speech that he believes was a better fit for adespotic socialist dictator.

Joe Biden said that our country is facing its most significant test since the Civil War, echoing Jen Psaki because all state legislatures why? They’re requiring voter ID like his state? Standardized early voting, chain of custody, integrity, and verification for all ballots?”

During the president’s speech, he again invoked Jim Crow, which he has been criticized for doing in the past. Hannity took issue with the president’s use of the phrase, también.


Now according to whoever wrote Joe’s speech, any Republican that supports integrity laws so we can have competence in election results is what, an enemy of the state?”

Hannity also pointed out that the president’s own state of Delaware has more restrictive voting laws than both Texas and Georgia, but Biden has failed tolift a fingerto make voting more accessible. Along with Biden, the host also questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland’s integrity for also failing to do anything about Delaware’s election laws.

Clearly the left’s hysteria over Georgia and now Texas has nothing to do at all in any way about civil rights. It is beyond hyperbole. It’s destructive. They’re playing the race card. Oh, this is the worst challenge to our democracy since the civil war. It really? Then why, José, have you never lifted a finger in the decades and decades, frankly centuries, parece, that you’ve served your state of Delaware.

Hannity wondered whether the Democratsreluctance to agree to voter integrity legislation was driven bynefarious intentions.

I would think this is a nonpolitical issue. So ask yourself why aren’t Democrats worried about ballot harvesting and election fraud and integrity in our vote so every American can have confidence in our results? Esta noche, Joe actually accidentally answered that question out loud. According to Biden, it’s not just about access to voting, but also who gets to count the votes. That’s very interesting.

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