Hannity slams DOJ for possible 'political motives' in predawn raid of Giuliani's home, 办公室

汉妮蒂: 上周三大约 6 是. Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment and office were raided by dozens of federal investigators. 现在, 朱利安尼市长显然正在接受潜在的 FARA 调查 (Foreign Agents Registration Act) 违反. To give you some reference, most FARA violations involve an American not registering foreign work appropriately with the US federal government. 换一种说法, not filling out the proper paperwork. 顺便说说, most violations are resolved with something called a fine. Not your home raided, predawn raids 6 是…

最近, Mayor Giuliani told Fox News that he never committed a FARA violation and he was shocked because he had offered to discuss all the allegations with the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York. But apparently, they never agreed, and instead, they decided for a predawn raid of his office in his home. The only thing that we’re missing, like in the case of Roger Stone, CNN cameras weren’t tipped off. 哇, what a change of pace. 记得, these were all process crimes. Mayor Giuliani is claiming that the fed’s motivations are political. 他说, 引用, “The only lawyers they raid are lawyers for Donald Trump. I can’t think of another lawyer that has been raided other than lawyers for Trump.And the mayor is also accusing the feds of illegally tapping into his privileged messages with his top client. 那, 当然, being President Trump himself

Now we’re going to continue to ask an obvious and very important question, is Rudy Giuliani’s FARA investigation, does it have political motives? And if it does, we all need to have equal justice, application of our laws. And that raises the question about zero experience, 猎人拜登. Is he going to be held accountable for anything? Did he violate any FARA laws in any way? We need an investigation.