Hannity slams Georgia GOP gov, secretary of state over recount ‘decree’: They ‘seem completely clueless

Hannity slams Georgia GOP gov, secretary of state over recount 'decree': They 'seem completely clueless'

Fox News host Sean Hannity criticized two top 佐治亚州 GOP officials Monday as the Peach State continues a hand recount of presidential ballots.

In his opening monologue, 的 “汉尼提host discussed a reported consent decree signed by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, 哪一个 特朗普总统 claimed was forgedwith the approval of Gov. Brian Kemp and at the urging of [former Democratic gubernatorial candidate] Stacey Abrams.

Trump said the decree makes it difficult for signature verification to take place during the recount.

I don’t think it’s brain surgery to figure out that there should only be one standard for every person who votes in Georgia,” 汉尼提说. “They should be checking signatures against the same database that Election Day voters had to meet with those that requested mailing ballots,” 他说. “It’s that simple.


The host then claimed that Kemp and Raffensperger are Republicans and that theyseem completely clueless” 和 “have no motivation apparently whatsoever to change this obvious double standard before the Senate runoff elections on Jan 5. That may end up being the biggest Senate races in the country’s history.

Earlier Monday, Raffensperger fired back at Rep. 道格·柯林斯, R-Ga。, a Trump surrogate in the state who ran unsuccessfully for Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s seat.

Collins had also criticized the consent decree, eliciting the following Twitter response from Raffensperger:

“We strengthened signature match. We helped train election officials on GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] signature match — which is confirmed twice before a ballot is ever cast,” 他写了. “Failed candidate Doug Collins is a liar — but what’s new?”

Raffensperger went on to pledge to preventany and all attempts from any party to intimidate voters.

上 “汉尼提,” the host then discussed the problems of electronic voting machines such as the ones used in Georgia. He recalled that Sen. Ronald Wyden, D-Ore., called in 2019 for the end of electronic voting and a standardized system of secure paper ballots, as had theliberal Associated Press and liberal New York Times.


Hannity added that 含义. 艾米·克洛布查(Amy Klobuchar), D-Minn。, and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, had voiced similar concerns about the accuracy of Dominion Voting Systemsa company that has been criticized by the president and others.

Let me be up front: I can barely download an app,” 汉尼提说. “Do I have all the answers? I do not … [但] we are the U.S.A. The American people deserve the best system, whatever that is, not one that apparently everyone on all sides had expressed issues wtih.


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