Hannity torches Biden's push to turn the page on Afghanistan crisis as Americans, 味方は閉じ込められたまま

“ジョー・バイデン, 彼は今、彼が公式にアフガニスタンのページをめくられていると主張している, 取る, 私は推測する, 勝利ラップ,” ハニティは言った. “なんて侮辱的なことか. He’s not lifting a finger to help our fellow Americans that he abandoned.

This isn’t Republican and Democrat. They’re our fellow Americans,” he exclaimed. “He hasn’t even mentioned them in 22 日々. How is that possible? I wonder if the families of those trapped inside of Afghanistan behind enemy lines, I wonder if they’ve turned the page … But, Joe Biden thinks that he can simply move on.

Hannity also ripped Biden’s current approval rating, calling his presidency anabject failureand citing a CNN report that the president should be terrified over his numbers in key battleground states.

Look at the Gallup numbers. Joe’s poll numbers have never been lower and for good reason,” 彼は主張した. “インフレーション is skyrocketing and predicted to get much worse. Gas prices up about a buck fifty a gallon since he took the presidency became president on January 20th. That’s a lot per gallon. We’re paying more for everything we buy. More to heat and cool our homes, more to fill our tanks up.

Amid theunmitigated failure” アフガニスタンで, Hannity argued that Biden’s policies have emboldened our enemies and damaged America’s relationship with its allies.

Our allies rightly no longer trust us,” 彼は言った. “フランス, they just recalled their ambassador. イスラエル, they’re threatening to do the same. Every enemy around the world is emboldened and China’s threats grow worse by the day.

Hannity also took apart the Biden administration’s handling of the migrant surge along the U.S.-Mexico border, claiming both the president and Vice President Harris ignore the crisis.

“ええと, for seven straight months, Joe and his incompetent border czar, カマラ・ハリス, they twiddle their thumbs,” Hannity argued. “ジョーとカマラ, we didn’t forget. You want to know the root cause of mass migration. Look in the mirror. You caused it.

With a lack of COVID testing and vetting, Hannity also argued that Biden’saiding and abetting” の 不法移民 to enter the country and has subsequently created a humanitarian, national security and public health crisis.

The migrants, the very people that violated our laws, did not respect our sovereignty, our borders,” 彼は言った “They enter this country illegally. And now with the help of Joe Biden, he’s aiding and abetting. They now are dispersed all over the country.

“そしてもちろん, all of this could be resolved if Joe Biden would tell the migrants not to come and this idiocy of process and release and go back and finish the wall Donald Trump was building and by the way, deport anyone that crosses illegally. ところで, bring back to stay in Mexico policy and just simply enforce the law. That’s not going to happen.