Hannity torches 'delusional' WH chief of staff for touting Afghanistan success: Is he 'this much of an idiot?'

Klain, who feverishly retweeted praise for Biden, and admiration from media allies, 間に アフガニスタン 危機, spoke to MSNBC on Tuesday.

It’s easy to second-guess but let’s just be clear,” 彼は言った. “America was in this war for 20 年. … Any effort to bring our troops out of Afghanistan was going to be filled with heartbreaking scenes and difficulties and I think the Biden administration managed that as well as it could be managed under the circumstances we were placed in.

Hannity called Klain’s claimdelusional,” wondering out loud whether the Biden aide was reallythis much of an idiot.


It appears so,” インクルード “ハニティ” ホストは言った. “Nothing about that withdrawal was managed well. Not a single thing.

If you are watching,” Hannity told Klain, “you might want to pass on to your boss, who I am sure is in dreamland about this time, this new ad from Senate Republicans and it might help jog his ever failing memory about what happened in Afghanistan.

The ad emphasized Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 我ら. service members dead, Americans stranded in Taliban-controlled アフガニスタン and led U.S. allies to question American leadership.

This is what Joe Biden calls an extraordinary success. He says that it was the right decision, the wise decision, the best decision, unparalleled results,” ハニティは言った. “And said what a magnificent display of public policy – I ask again, if that’s success how do we define failure? Joe Biden took again questions, exhausted from yesterday and yelling at us and lecturing of us, and apparently wants to move past his Afghan debacle.


だが, Hannity underscored, “This crisis is not over. ところで, the war is not over either. Americans are held hostage, right now behind enemy lines.