Hannity: US 'suffering consequences of Biden's weakness' with 13 fallen military, untold stranded Americans

“Duidelik, there are a lot of important questions that need to be answered but Joe Biden is either unwilling or unable to answer them,” hy het gesê, characterizing the Delaware Democrat as “incoherent… dazed and confusedduring a public appearance at the White House on Thursday.

Hannity ripped Biden’s apparent assertion he will stick to his self-imposed and Taliban-accepted August 31 deadline for the conclusion of withdrawal and evacuation operations from Aanvaar, referencing the potential there are untold numbers of American citizens and U.S.-aligned individuals who may become Taliban targets who are stranded behind the militantscheckpoints and spread throughout the country.

We don’t leave people behind. We rescue our people trapped behind enemy lines. We respond to terror attacks with overwhelming force. We strike fear in our enemies and instill confidence in our allies,” die “Hannityhost continued.

But under Biden, none of that is happening. And now we’re suffering the consequences of his weakness in real-time.

Hannity lamented the 12 Marines and one sailor being killed in an ISIS-Khorasan suicide bomb attack, which occurred Thursday against the throngs of desperate people trying to get into Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Thirteen of our brave soldiers are dead. They will never return home to their families. More than a dozen others are seriously wounded. The total death toll is now more than 170 en meer as 200 beseer,” he reported.

Maybe the worst part: the death and destruction and carnage and chaos was all easily preventable, but Joe Biden is defiantly locked into his disastrous decision.


Hannity said it is truly a “misterie” as to why the leader of the free world is still abiding by a deadline set by a group like the Taliban – and why he has not allowed for the full potential of the U.S. military’s reach and capabilities to be realized in the dangerous mission.

Why he’s tripled down on failure is anyone’s guess… Why he’s not sending in additional troops to rescue every American is unforgivable. Why he is so accepting of the idea that Americans will be left behind is beyond anything any good American can comprehend,” gaan hy voort.

“Ongelukkig, vanaand, that outcome seems inevitable… This is a nightmare; a failure of epic proportions with deadly consequences, and risks that remain higher than ever.

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