Hannity: Vacationing Biden orders vaccine mandate for Americans, none for thousands of illegal immigrants

Biden’s border crisis is worse than ever: Seven months after it started and eight months after he lifted nearly all of President Trump’s border protections.Hannity said onHannity“, as Biden has since left Rehoboth Beach for New York City.

So how is Joe Biden dealing with the multitude of crises that he caused?” Hannity asked, following up with images of Biden on vacation in the Sussex County shore town.

He said nothing [about the crisis] then went bike riding… Maybe, 조, your time would be better spent getting abandoned Americans home and securing the border.

“있습니다 12 thousand 불법 이민자 under a bridge a TexasHundreds of Americans trapped behind enemy lines in 아프가니스탄. And COVID cases surging all over the country, and Joe Biden is spending a long weekend at the beach,” 호스트가 말했다.

Speaking to what he called a double standard between mandates for Americas but carveouts for illegals, Hannity noted there is avaccine mandate for millions of American citizens, but not for any of the illegal immigrants [under the Acuna-Del Rio bridge].

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Because of COVID, there are numerous international travel restrictions for Americans – But not at the border: Not if you’re an illegal immigrant.

Hannity noted that thus far, Biden has deported very few of the illegal immigrants, as the current policy provides mainly for single males to be subject to being sent home, while others are bused around the country to various states on the federal taxpayersdime.

President Trump gifted President Biden with a secure border. But Joe screwed it up.

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