Hannity: White House mum as drug dealers, traffickers cash in on Biden's failing immigration policies

What exactly will it take for the Biden and Harris administration to take the issue seriously?” 그만큼 “Hannityhost asked.

agent ~로부터 샌디에고 sector was searching fora group of illegal entrantsin a mountainous area around 12:45 오전. Wednesday when he spotted a half-dozen mennear the border wall,” 미국에 따르면. 세관 및 국경 보호 (CBP). While processing the group at a nearby Border Patrol station, CBP added, agents discovered one of the men wasa documented MS-13 gang member.

You have unsanitary conditions, massive overcrowding, COVID super-spreader conditions, fights breaking out and now reports of child rape, known terrorists, we have MS-13 gang members and what has been the response? Absolutely nothing,” Hannity asserted.


There is silence from the White House, silence from Joe, 카말라, 척, 낸시, 미디어 마피아, Democrats in general.

The primetime host accused the media of protecting socialist Democrats overprotecting these kids and protecting our country.

The Biden administration is cramming migrants into cages where they are now being abused in large numbers and remember,” Hannity는 말했다, calling the crisisa catastrophe of Joe Biden’s own making. He told the migrants to come.

He provided incentives for them to come, held out amnesty as a reward and he was totally unprepared when they did come. And he’s now closed his eyes and his ears to any of the problems he has now caused … 그게 무슨 뜻이야? That’s a field day for drug dealers and traffickers and human traffickers. They’re cashing in, and all thanks to Joe Biden’s failed policies, and that is a simple truth.

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