Hanson: Democrats' quest to grant automatic citizenship to illegals defies what it means to be a civilization

Hanson toldTucker Carlson Vanaandthat as the nation braces for what could be many millions of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border, Democrats realize they have an opportunity to change the demographics of an electorate they know isn’t fully on board with their left-wing policies, by essentially neutering the political power of legal American citizens who vote.

It’s important that you stress the urgencyjust as we are seeing the efforts to destroy the electoral college or pack the [Hoogste] Court or have a national voter law, they feel the constituency of the present demography is not on their side,” hy het gesê.

“[Sedert] they can’t wait to have residents come with green cards and go through a lengthy process of citizenship because they don’t think they will be in power or they won’t have this moment, they want to have residents immediately become equal to citizensand they know that citizenship is the foundation of western civilization.

Daardie, verduidelik hy, goes against centuries of Western civilization and its foundational principles.

A few centuries before Christ, Hanson continued, society collectively said “wag 'n minuut, we are permanent fixed peoples and we have identifiable borders and can make our own laws and elect our own officials and take governance into our own handsWe can’t do that if we are migratory tribes we don’t have a settled space or don’t have shared and collective customs and traditions that develop from settlement.

Op daardie manier, as the Biden administration continues to oversee throngs of illegal migrants coming north from Mexico originating often from points unknown, American citizens do not know if these new arrivals speak our language, share American values or if they’ve ever voted before.

He added that the left appears to believe people whose inaugural decision upon U.S. soil is to break federal law – by entering the country illegally – and secondly to decide to therefore reside here illegally – should or will become co-equal to an established citizendefies the whole concept of civilization.

Hanson compared what is happening to American citizenship as potentially similar in the future to the fall of the Roman Empire in the mid-400’s A.D., which occurred after Huns, and Germanic tribes like the Vandals and Goths, with no shared values or customs flooded across Roman borders. The Vandals – the etymological root of today’s ‘vandalism’ – plundered Rome for two weeks and established a domain on the African side of the Mediterranean, which at the time was Roman territory.

And you know what happened after that,” hy het gesê.

Host Tucker Carlson later echoed Hanson’s concerns, saying that the left is “opsetlik” allowing the theft ofour country from American citizens – that’s exactly what this is and we are allowing it.

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