Harmeet Dhillon blasts Biden's SCOTUS selection process: 'He is beholden to the left'

HARMEET DHILLON: 잘, you’re absolutely right, 음식물. What you see here is the culmination of some decades of activism on the left, starting with destroying Robert Bork as a nominee, back when I was a student in law school, that made a huge impression on me. And coming forward to today, he actually could have picked any of the people who he had on a short list, and it would have been the same. They would have checked all the boxes of the left. 그래서, this is not really a critique of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson so much as this process, and this process is beholden like Joe Biden is to a far-left agenda with dark money controlling what the president does. And so this is not the way to pick justices and the system needs to change.

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