Harold Ford Jr.: Following Texas school shooting, everyone who lied to these officials should be fired

HAROLD FORD JR.: I want to give Governor Abbott a lot of credit. We’re in a different party, but for him to stand before the press and answer those questions, real leadership is accountable and shares credit when things go right and when they go wrong, you’re accountable and I give him credit for that.  


Two: when he talks about the responses, I think he’s talking about two responses, the response of the officers on the ground, which obviously was a devastating disaster, a fatal disaster, and then… what I think he was equally livid at— I heard in his voice and heard in his words— was that he was lied to by law enforcement afterwards.  

So, I understand, and we can all accept at a painful way how mistakes can be made and I listen to that Mr. McCaul there say that this officer commander, foolishly, wrongly thought that this was a barricade situation, but once you leave there, one thing the chain of command is consistent with if you lie to your superiors, if you mislead your superiors, everyone that lied to the governor and the police chief and the mayor should be fired immediately.  



We’ve got to talk about schools and what has to happen. You touched on it yesterday, Judge. There are eight schools in that district we learn and there are four security resource officers. That needs to change. The question around minors and mental illness and whether or not— you know, we’ve had mental illness in our society forever. We’ve had evil since the introduction of mankind. Australia has evil, but they haven’t had a mass shooting since 1996. Do we look at what other countries are doing? I think we have to put all of that on the table…. 


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